My five favourite perfumes (which make my nose super happy)

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IT’S International Happiness Day today and I had a really good idea to write a post about everything that makes me happy.

But then the eclipse happened this morning (check out my Instagram feed for my amazing (kind of!) pic) and I got giddy and now I’ve ran out of time.

Because truth be told, so many things make me happy. Make me all warm, cosy and fuzzy inside. And so to write this list would take far too long.

However, in the interest of sharing some happiness, I’ve decided to write about something that does make me very happy indeed – PERFUME – and to write one of my favourite kind of posts that I haven’t written for absolutely donkey’s years – a FRIDAY FIVE!

Here are my five all time favourite perfumes which I have loved wearing throughout the years.


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Chanel No.5

I had to start with this one. The giant. The icon. The classic.

My husband bought me this for my birthday last November and it’s pretty much now the only perfume I currently wear. It took me 35 years to own a bottle of this legendary scent and I’m glad it did. Because this is a perfume that should be worn by a woman. A woman who has lived and learned. Not a young slip of a thing.

It’s a perfume which says I know who I am. Which says I am effortlessly chic! It’s a perfume which says I don’t have to try too hard or be overpowering to be fabulous, I just am.

The bottle is perfection and the smell, well naturally, the smell is amazing. And grown up. This is one serious scent.

I wear it all the time (even when I’m just sat working from home) but particularly when I need a little extra boost in the confidence department. My husband often jokes that it cost him a small fortune and that every spritz cost him a couple of pounds. And my reply? I’m worth it baby! Coco Chanel would be proud.


Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood

I haven’t worn this perfume for a few years now but I still adore it and will definitely return to it one day, of that I have no doubt. I discovered this in my late teens and have held a scented candle for it ever since. I also wore it on my wedding day so it’s particularly special.

It’s romantic, feminine and quite delicate yet leaves a scent which really lingers. And even though it’s become more popular over the past decade or so, I still adore the fact that most people haven’t even heard of it.

Another gorgeous bottle of gorgeous scent. Almost too pretty to use in fact as it looks absolutely stunning on a dressing table.


Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

You’ve heard of or tried Angel right?! Well this perfume reminds me a little bit of that but in my opinion is much nicer. It’s a stunning scent – sweet, musky, heady and strong. And is also incredibly sexy.

Not really one for daytime appearances, this scent is more suited to dark nights, date nights and naughty shenanigans. Just spritzing it on makes me feel like a total sex pot.


Florence by Tocca

My Mum bought this beautiful perfume for me, for my first birthday after having Elsie. Why? Because Elsie’s middle name is Florence. All together now – awww.

The city of Florence is one of my favourite cities in the world, extra special because it’s where all the magic happened that resulted in me becoming a Mum for the first time, nine months or so later!

Not many people have heard of Tocca perfumes but their scents are exquisite and this one is no exception. Pretty, uplifting and delicately floral, it’s really incredibly lovely.


White Musk by The Body Shop

Ok, so it may be a little bit naff now granted but I gotta tell you, I will always love this smell. I haven’t worn it in years and will probably never wear it again, but this was the first time I fell for a bottle of scent, so for nostalgia reasons I just had to include it in the list.

White Musk takes me back to being a teenager. To clumsy kisses. Days at school. Giggles with  friends and first crushes.

It reminds me of the 90s, of being young, footloose and fancy free, with the world at my feet.

Everyone I knew wore it but that never bothered me, because I just loved it so much. Every time I go into a Body Shop I just have to have a good smell. Like a nostalgic junkie, a sniff of this legendary scent always takes me right back to happy teenage times.

In fact writing this now, I’m thinking I should probably treat myself to a bottle of white musk shower gel or something and let the memories roll.


What is your favourite scent and why? Would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations. 

Have a wonderful day everyone. Be happy.

With love,




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7 Discussions on
“My five favourite perfumes (which make my nose super happy)”
  • Oh good old White Musk – I loved that! All my friends were Dewberry fans, but White Musk was the scent for me.

    I know what you mean about Chanel No 5 – I bought a bottle in duty free when I was about 24, and it was a bit too much for me. It does need to be worn by someone who has lived.

    My favourite scents are Very Irresistible by Givenchy (flowery and fun girly, not girly-girly), Issey Miyake Florale (beautiful floral summer fragrance), and Calvin Klein Eternity Moment (just delicious). I also fell in love with Jo Malone’s pear and pomegranate, but it costs an arm and a leg. One day! xxx

  • Yay white musk was my first perfume, this has brought memories back and of course, Chanel No 5, the classic that it is is always on the dressing table. I love the power of Flowerbomb too and other favourites are Chanel Mademoiselle too, Paul Smith Rose and I steal quite a lot of my Mum’s perfumes too, she has the best taste-there’s a VIvienne W one I love but I can’t remember the name. Fab choices here xx

  • Last year I realised that what I loved about my fave scents (Lovely & Coco Mademoiselle) was the grapefruit, so I bought myself some Body Shop grapefruit spray and can get a hit several times a day!

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