Mums, this Sunday, I want you to do one thing…

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IT’S Mother’s Day on Sunday.

A lovely day. A day to reflect, be appreciative and if you’re a mum, to hopefully receive a little thanks too. Not that we need it of course (that’s so not why we do this job) but it would be rather lovely all the same wouldn’t it?

To know that you’re loved. To know that you’re valued.

I’m already ‘winning’ at Mother’s Day this year. *beams*

Elsie gave me an early handmade card (that she created with her Grandma) yesterday (after forcing me to open it!) and it is gorgeous! It’s covered in glitter and sparkly things and even has some squiggles and drawings inside too. Precious indeed.

I’m truly chuffed and will probably frame it. Because these are the priceless things aren’t they?

The handmade cards, the sloppy wet kisses, the big hugs, the ‘I love you’s’, a little flower picked from the garden. These are the greatest gifts. The stuff that costs little but has a hell of a lot of soul.

Hopefully, if you’re a mummy too, you will also be ‘winning’ this Sunday. At least a little, but fingers crossed, a lot. But if you’re not or even if you are, I want you to humour me and do one thing for yourself too.

On Sunday, no matter how the day turns out, I want you to do this one thing.

I want you to take a moment out from the crazy chaos of parenthood and give yourself a great big pat on the back.

Yep, a great big pat on the back.

I want you to find a little inner calm (tricky I know) and praise yourself for doing a bloody good job of this mothering malarky.

I want you to know that no matter how tough things have been recently, that you’re doing brilliantly.

I want you to look at your child / children or think about them, and know that you have done your best and will continue to do so.

If you’re blessed enough to have your child with you, I want you to look at them. Really look at them and see your work. See what your love has achieved.

I want you to realise that everything you have done or will do for them, does matter. Big or small.

I want you to know that every time you may think you are failing, that you are wrong. Because you’re not failing, you’re learning, trying your best and figuring things out.

I want you to know that you are a fabulous mum. Not because you’re perfect (know anyone who is?) but because you are YOU.

I want you to know that there isn’t a single mum in the world who hasn’t felt like an utter failure at times or out of their depth (including me) and that although this is the most natural thing in the world, it does not mean that it is true.

And I want you to realise that you are marvellous.


Because we forget it. And because every single mum I know feels too much guilt, suffers too many doubts, battles with too many things and rarely, if ever, gives themselves the praise they deserve.

So this Sunday, please do yourself a favour and give yourself a big ol’ proud pat on the back. And while you’re at it, make it a large one.

And praise yourself for being a mum and be incredibly proud of the fact that you:

Love your child / children more than you ever imagined.

That you feel their joy and pain in your very bones.

That every single day you get up out of bed and get on with it.

That you always put their needs first.

That you’d give up your life for them in an instant if you had to, with absolutely no hesitation.

That you, to them, are everything.

Because you are. You REALLY are and if that doesn’t deserve a pat on the back, well then, quite frankly my dears, I honestly don’t know what does.


Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the amazing mums I know. Please don’t forget to ‘pat the backs’ of other mums if you get the chance and to show much kindness towards mums who sadly cannot be with their children this Sunday. x


With love,






Pic: Kindly taken by the brilliant Masque Photography.

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“Mums, this Sunday, I want you to do one thing…”

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