How to make the easiest Christmas wreath in the WORLD

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WE’RE a few days into December and there’s no doubt about it, I am feeling festive folks!

Once my birthday is done and dusted at the end of November, my mind immediately switches to the thought of Christmas and this year with Elsie being that bit older (she’ll be just under 2 and a half on Christmas Day) I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty excited!

I can’t wait to take her to see Santa on Saturday for the first time or watch her tear open her presents on Christmas Day, but before all of this, it’s time to trim up the house!

So on Monday I decided to really embrace the ol’ Christmas spirit and make my first Christmas wreath. With Elsie.

I’ll  be honest, I was dreading it a little as we were both feeling tired and run down with nasty colds, but when you’ve got an idea, you’ve got an idea and so we began.

A few weeks ago the lovely folk at Hobbycraft sent me a wreath making kit and so on Monday afternoon once Elsie had awoken from her nap, I cracked the box open, took a deep breath and got to work.

As I wanted to get Elsie involved, I decided to make it as easy and fun as possible and also incorporated a few of her Christmas craft goodies like pompoms and glittery stickers that we had knocking about too. And here is how we got on…


How to make the easiest wreath in the world (with a poorly, grumpy toddler)


making a wreath with hobbycraft

pompomsGet prepared! Take one rattan wreath frame, get out your decorative goodies not forgetting glue, scissors etc and decide what you want it to look like. Or at least have a rough idea before you start.


designing wreath

Next, get to work designing your wreath by placing your decorations on it before you get sticking! Keep moving things around and trying things out until you’re finally happy with what you’ve got. Elsie and I decided to go for pompoms and birds. (‘cos we like to mix things up.)

(Psst – don’t forget to get your toddler or little one involved too. Elsie did a brilliant jump of sorting through things and passing me the pompoms!)


Elsie helping to make wreath

glueing pompoms on

Once you’re happy with your layout, get sticking!

I stuck on these pompoms with fabric craft glue that I use for all kinds of crafty jobs (it’s strong stuff too) and it probably took me all of about 5 mins. And the robin bird – that Elsie fell in love with – was simply attached to the rattan frame with it’s clip. (Told you, this is the easiest wreath in the world!)


wreath part one finished

Once everything is stuck on, leave your wreath to dry, somewhere safe and out of the reach of small hands! This is how ours looked when everything was glued and attached in place.

Ok, so you could stop here if you so wished. I think this simple wreath is pretty lovely as it is, but as we were sent so many pretty things from Hobbycraft we decided to keep going and give it a centrepiece.


elsie making final touches

Next, we took our little wooden heart and added a little more Christmas magic. I added a red bow to it and Elsie upped the Christmas stakes by sticking on one of her glittery red stars.

And that was it. All finished.

Leave everything to dry…


putting the heart and wreath together


And then get hanging! Use some festive ribbon to attach it somewhere – ours is hanging from our living room fireplace – or pop it over a nail. Just decide where it’s going to live for the next few weeks and you’re done! It really is as simple and as easy as that.

And here is our masterpiece in all of its glory! Da daa!…


wreath hanging


I loved making this wreath with Elsie. It took probably about 15 mins in total, was one of the easiest Christmas craft things i’ve ever done and looks ever so festive (if I do say so myself), hanging from our fireplace.

Yes, you can buy all manner of fabulous and extravagant wreaths from lots of wonderful shops, but to be honest when they are this simple ( and cheap!) to do, you’d be crazy not to have a go yourself.

And I mean, come on,  if I can do this with a grumpy, poorly toddler in tow, anyone can! ;-)



With love,






*Disclaimer – Hobbycraft kindly sent me a wreath making kit to use for this post but as always all opinions are my own.

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“How to make the easiest Christmas wreath in the WORLD”
  • Kate, you’re right! You NEVER need to buy an extravagant, expensive wreath from anywhere. They are the simplest things to craft, as you discovered and showed us. I made a lot of these last year… I bought the polystyrene wreaths and wrapped them in colourful wool, then decorated them with all sorts of embellishments. May I recommend investing in a glue gun? They’re infinitely better than runny glue, although obviously they need an adult to operate them. x

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