‘Love’ly footwear from Brantano

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ALL us parents know, that footwear for little ones can cost a small fortune.

Their little feet and wiggly toes just love to grow, don’t they?!

Which is wonderful and charming, but sometimes means you can go through an alarming number of pairs of shoes in as little as 12 months.

And it’s not just shoes either, but sandals for those glorious hot days, wellies for the wet or snowy days and of course boots for freezing cold winter. Blimey, they add up don’t they?

I used to think it was me that owned the most pair of shoes in this house, but you know, now as a Mum, I’m not so sure!

Kitting out your child or children in decent quality shoes that will cocoon their precious feet and last a little while at least, isn’t cheap, let’s face it.

But of course we all want them to have the best, so we cough up. Some things, like little tiny tootsies, you can’t just scrimp on ey?!

Well it seems I am wrong, because you can. At least a little. At least a little if you’re a savvy shopper and give Brantano a whirl which offers quality shoes at affordable prices.

Now some of you may be thinking, “come on Kate, get with the shoe shopping programme!”, if you’re already aware of this super retailer, because yes, I am indeed, late to the party on this one.

I’d never stepped foot in a Brantano store or ventured to have a browse online, until, I was asked if I’d like to chose some shoes for Elsie to try out.

I had no idea what to expect, but I’ll tell you this, I was and am impressed.

Wellies and doodlesElsie's doodles

I ordered this pair of Clarks Doodles pumps for the little lady and the cat wellies (sadly out of stock online) because just look at them! How could I not?! And they are smashing.

Elsie adores them. The pumps (who knew Brantano sold Clarks?!) are perfect for Elsie on the go!

Elsie running doodlesElsie pose shoes

Comfy and as cute as cute can be, she is never happier than when she is wearing these, running about and causing mayhem.

She’s even asked me on many an occasion, if she can take them to bed with her too. Yes it sure seems my daughter has inherited my love for shoes.

Cat wellies

And the wellies?!

Well even though I couldn’t convince her to pop them on for a few minutes the other day whilst shooting these pics (and who can blame her, because the weather was glorious! Silly Mama, wellies are for rain!) I gotta tell you, she is a smitten kitten with these feline beauties.

And when she’s not wearing them, well they make super soft toy holders. Ahem.

I’m a little embarrassed to say I’d never tried Brantano before this experience but not at all embarrassed to say I’ll certainly be paying them a visit in the future. You know, like next week when Elsie has outgrown these. *winks*

Respected footwear brands for reasonable prices in one place?! Savvy parent shopping indeed.

Mums? Go visit!

Oh… and just in case the photos haven’t quelled your appetite for teeny footwear, here’s a little video that Elsie helped me create. Enjoy! x



With love,






Disclaimer – Brantano kindly sent both pairs of shoes in return for a review. As always opinions are my own.

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4 Discussions on
“‘Love’ly footwear from Brantano”
  • You probably think I’m joking, but I want those pink wellies for my boys. I’m totally anti gender-stereotyping and let my boys proudly rock pinks.

    Cool tip on Brantano, though. Will be keeping them in mind for the next time I have to upgrade my two sets of mini-plates (which is likely to be soon!).

    And you’re right, wellies can be used for all sorts of things after they’ve been outgrown. I’m heading off to Pinterest to browse some neat ideas now… xx

    • I think that is BRILLIANT Fiona. I’m against anti-gender stereotyping too and hey, if Elsie wants to wear jeans all the time or boys trainers of climb on diggers, then that’s fine by me. The wellies are gorgeous. Any child would love them.

      As for Brantano, honestly, I was surprised but really pleased. Definitely bear them in mind. x

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