BEFORE we get cracking with today’s post, I just want to take a moment to say I’m sorry…

That my blog posts have been a bit sporadic of late.

I’m a poorly lady you see at the moment, having had flu for the last week or so, so bar on odd post, I’ve spent most of my time lying in bed or watching endless rounds of children’s TV with little Elsie, who’s been pretty poorly too.

Boo hoo!

Anyhow, I’m trying my best to do what I can, but there’s no doubt that my work has suffered of late. So thank you for being patient and sticking with me. I promise normal, regular service will resume shortly.

Annnnd…so, with that in mind, let’s crack on with today’s post!

Because I do have a super post to share with you today. (Hell yeah!) One that’s certainly putting a big smile on my very grotty face, as I type.

This is the first instalment of our recent family holiday to Italy with the brilliant Italian accommodation experts, Bookings For You.

And is all about our stunning accommodation – a beautiful, modern and contemporary Italian 3 bedroom villa situated on the east bank of Lake Maggiore.

As holiday accommodation goes, let me tell you, this villa is by far, the most stunning place I have ever stayed in. For the views alone, I would have happily stayed!

I mean, just imagine, lying in bed and looking at this…


Because this is how I woke up in the mornings and this is what we all saw, every single day, from one of three lake facing terraces, that this stunning villa offers.

Here’s some more shots of the lake view, and I make absolutely no apologies for them. Because a view this spectacular has to be shared…


(The sunsets were particularly breathtaking…)


My photos don’t even do the beautiful view justice but you get the picture!

Just. Seriously. Beautiful.

The best view I’ve ever seen. In my life. And one I’ll never forget.

Tucked up high in the mountains, staying in this fabulous villa, was a little bit like being in an Italian version of Heidi.

By day, the only sounds I could hear were birds chirping, donkey bells ringing and water running down a tiny stream. And by night, nothing!

It was absolute bliss. A real slice of Italian heaven indeed.


Villa Caruso as it is lovingly called, is a stunning property.


And inside, had absolutely everything we needed as a family – for myself, Jamie, Elsie and my Dad and Step Mum who came with us – as well as being simply but tastefully decorated.

Perfect for those who love modern, light and homely interior design. Like me!

It was also, spotlessly clean.


A large, open kitchen and living area was the perfect setting for us to eat family meals and relax after a busy day seeing the local sights.


And the bedrooms were something else!

Kind souls that we are, we allowed my Dad and Step Mum to stay in the ‘pent house’ room – a large bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and not one but two terraces! (one from the bedroom and one from the bathroom) as well as the very best views from the villa.


Here’s Elsie making the most of the front terrace…


And our room?

Well that was pretty amazing too. A spacious, light and airy double bedroom with our own terrace.

So dreamy! And incredibly comfy too!


Elsie’s bedroom was perfect for a little girl…


Sandwiched between our room and the family bathroom…


With two comfy single beds, a handy chest of drawers, book shelves and very thoughtful boxes of toys to play with, which managed to keep Elsie amused for hours!


And if toys weren’t good enough to keep Elsie amused?

Well we were extremely lucky, because we also had the resident peacock and peahen to put a big smile on her face…

(We did try to feed them but failed dismally, as they eyed up our carrots and lettuce with dismay!)


Little lizards that dashed about outside, you had to be quick to catch a decent view of one!


And, my favourite neighbours of all…the donkeys!


Who did lap up our food treats and devoured an entire box of carrots, given to them by the best little helper, a woman could ask for…


All in all, this stunning Bookings For You villa, was truly wonderful.

So fabulous, so tranquil, so lovingly decorated and cared for, that I could have stayed there – quite happily – with my family forever.


Before we arrived at the villa, I read many glowing reviews online about the property and noticed that many people remarked on it being a ‘home from home’.

Me & Elsie villa

Something which is most definitely true and something that we all commented on, whilst there.

Although, what a home it would be! Can you imagine?!


(I can see myself now, blogging from the terrace, listening to the donkey bells).

If you’re looking for a relaxed, cultural holiday in one of the most stunning areas of Italy, you really can’t go wrong and in fact, would struggle to get any better, than this charming, mouth-droppingly gorgeous villa.

Sleeping up to eight people, it’s the perfect place to be transported to a quieter world and take in Italy’s stunning natural beauty.


Donkeys, terraces and the most amazing views you can imagine, I warn you, if you’re anything like me, you will never want to leave.

Many, many thanks to the incredibly kind Bookings For You who kindly invited us to stay at this stunning villa in return for my honest review. 

And if you like the sound of it too (and really, how could you not?!) here are all the details you need.

UPDATE! The very kind people at Bookings For You are now offering all my lovely readers a 10 per cent discount on this villa! Not bad huh?! For more info or to arrange a booking, please email, quoting your interest in ‘Villa Caruso’ and mention Pouting In Heels to claim your discount. (You won’t regret it!)

I’ll be back with more of our Italian adventure next week…till then, ciao!

With love,






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