LIFE: Wishing you all a magical Christmas!

Christmas greetings

I KNOW, I know, I know.

You’re all snowed under with last minute shopping, wrapping and delivering of gifts and feeling stressed, but I just want to grab your attention,  just for a few minutes, to wish you all a truly magical Christmas!

May your festive spirit be in full bloom, may your presents be bundles of all things fabulous and your family times be joyful and harmonious.

Have a wonderful time, eat, drink & be merry, capture the memories and love one another.

I’ll be back just before New Year with a couple of special ‘goodbye 2013’ posts but in the meantime, I’ll be busy getting jolly and cherishing these precious days with my nearest and dearest. I cannot wait to see Elsie’s face on Christmas morning!!!

That and stuffing my face with festive treats and indulging in many a tipple of course. Don’t tell me you won’t be doing the same! ;-)

Merry Christmas you gorgeous bunch.

With love & festive greetings,


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“LIFE: Wishing you all a magical Christmas!”

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