LIFE: What’s your favourite holiday song?


THERE’S nothing like a holiday to recharge your batteries and make you appreciate the awesomeness that is life.

And in my opinion, no holiday would be complete without some brilliant holiday songs.

For me, whether I’m taking a well deserved break at home or abroad, I know that my favourite songs just enhance my feel-good holiday mood even further.

And if I’m holidaying in the UK with my family (which I was not so long ago) then I’ve found they can make even the dullest, wettest day, seem brighter!

Which is why I’m enjoying ‘The Best Summer Holiday Songs’ playlist, that has been cleverly put together by

The playlist, available here on Spotify,  is a real mix of family summer songs. In fact you could say there’s a number in here for everyone, from young to old.

I’m delighted that two of my favourite ever summer songs – Holiday and Walking On Sunshine– are on the list and my husband will be equally thrilled, as a huge Beatles fan, to discover that Here Comes The Sun features too.

And for little Elsie? Well she may only be 11 months old now but she already loves her music! Luckily for her, and us,the list even features the classic The Wheels On The Bus to keep her entertained.

Now if they’d just add Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (you know the one!), to the list, it would be perfect! Please can I request that for next year Cumbrian Cottages?!

What’s your favourite ever holiday song? Which song brings back happy holiday memories? 

Till the next time, always play music that speaks to your soul!






Disclaimer – this post was created in collaboration with Cumbrian-Cottages.

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