LIFE: The christening of Elsie Florence

IT’S rare that I post family images but Elsie’s christening was such a special day, that I’ve made an unusual exception to the rule.

Here are some of my favourite images taken from Elsie’s big day. I hope you’ll all get a sense of what a magical day it was in our lives. It certainly was a day to remember!

Elsie's outfitDress:

Elsie wore an antique ivory christening gown with tambour lace that I managed – after many an hour!- to find on eBay. The gown fitted her perfectly so didn’t need any expected alterations. I did however add a pearl here and there.


Her shoes were from a local baby shop in Barnsley and bespoked by yours truly! I added a few pearls and some very old antique lace trimming to make them extra special.


Elsie also wore a beautiful bespoke headband that I made with the help of my Stepmum. It was created with 150 year old antique lace (from my stepmum’s family trunk of gorgeous antique lace), ivory ribbon and a sprinking of pearls. I also attached a flower corsage to it from Monsoon.



The church:

We had Elsie christened at the same place we got married – the stunning Holy Trinity Church in Wentworth, South Yorkshire.

Thankfully we didn’t have too many tears and Elsie didn’t mind the water on her head at all! She’s a Cancer sign so most definitely a water baby!


Mummy wore:

A pink lace dress from the Holly Willoughby Collection @ Very, nude patent courts and crystal earrings from Phoenix Jayy.

Daddy wore:

Black suit from Zara.



Afternoon tea at the Barn, The Rockingham Arms at Wentworth.


The barn was decorated with bunting (handmade by me!), pink and blue balloons and a few fairy lights.

Wish tree:

I really wanted something special to mark Elsie’s big day that people could contribute to, so decided to make her a wish tree.

A wish tree is an ancient Japanese custom whereby people write their wishes on a piece of paper and tie them to a tree branch. The belief is that when the wind catches the paper, the wishes come true!

All the guests wrote and left beautiful wishes for Elsie which I’ll keep in a memory box for her to read when she’s older as a special keepsake.



Elsie’s incredible cake was made by the extremely talented and lovely Alice Herron who is the midst of setting up her very own cake business. (Keep posted for news of Alice’s launch coming soon!)

I asked Alice to create a simple and elegant cake decorated with white icing and featuring delicate pastal coloured piping. I wanted it to have the wow factor so also asked her to make the sponge rainbow coloured  and boy oh boy she didn’t disappoint!

Elsie’s cake was the talk of the party and rightly so as beside looking amazing, it tasted incredible too. In fact it was so pretty, I almost didn’t want to eat it. But I did and enjoyed every single morsel. Thank you Alice for doing such a brilliant job!

Final christening

Here we all are at the end of the day. Shattered, but incredibly happy. There’s not doubt about it, as a little family, we are so incredibly blessed.

Till the next time, cherish each other.



P.S Many thanks to all our wonderful family and friends who came to help us celebrate Elsie’s special day. x

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14 Discussions on
“LIFE: The christening of Elsie Florence”
  • Oh my, what a heart melting, wonderful post-and day of course, I have tears in my eyes! You are all such a beautiful, blessed family and what a Mummy you are putting so much attention to detail for Elsie-that wish tree is amazing, made me well up. Aw thank you so much for sharing this x

    • Thank you Honest Mum!

      It really was such a special day (more so than I imagined) and even though preparing for it was a little tiring at times, I think the attention to detail paid off ;-)


  • Congratulations, what a beautiful day! Elsie looked so cute and you and the hubby both looked stunning. And WOW, that cake! Can’t wait to see Alice’s website when she’s up and running! So glad you had such a perfect day xx

    • Thank you Michelle! We all had an amazing day!

      And yes, wait until you see Alice’s website and more of her amazing cakes. She’s incredible! x

  • Hi Kate yet again this is a beautiful piece, the christening was so beautiful, and a lot of thought went into it to make little Elsie’s special day so beautiful and memorable. When I first saw Elsie at the church I could have cried she looked so beautiful,and her little face was beaming there was smiles for everyone such a beautiful little girl, and as her Gramdma I am so proud of you Kate and Jamie in the way you are bringing her up, you are both amazing! The wish tree was such a wonderful idea and in years to come Elsie will love to read the wishes people made for her, and the amazing cake was stunning, what a surprise when it was cut, the layers of colours never seen anything like it, and the taste of the cake was truly wonderful! Another special day to put in Elsie’s memory box which was even more special as you got married in the same church five years ago in August. Just beautiful X X X

    • As always, thank you Janine :) Elsie is very blessed to have such a special and caring Grandma in her life, as are we. x x x

      P.S Thank you for creating the wish tree branches!! xxx

  • Looks like you all had a wonderful day. Elsie’s dress is beautiful like the little lady herself (and her mummy) and the little details are great. The wish tree is a fab idea for a christening, well done you! Xx

    • Thanks Franki! That’s really kind of you to say. Wish trees are good for weddings too you know ;-) xxx

  • Oh my goodness, what a whole lot of loveliness in one post! Just as everyone has already said, the small details look amazing and I love the idea of a wish tree – fast forward 20 years and I can imagine you all sitting together to read the wishes!
    Thank you so much for the kind words about the cake, it really means a lot and I’m so happy that everyone enjoyed it.
    The day looks perfect and I’m glad you all had fun!
    P.S. What a ridiculously good looking family you are, good work!

    • Thank you Alice, and not just for your lovely comment, but for you bloomin’ amazing CAKE!!

      You really are a very talented lady and helped make the day extra special. Can’t wait to show off more off your fine talents in the future x

  • Oh Katie, what a beautiful post! I am so pleased you all had such a magical day – and how stunningly gorgeous do you all look? You are a wonderful mummy, it must have took you ages to make all the little details come together, but so worth it in the end! Such a special day for you all, and the wish tree is an amazing idea. I am sure Elsie will enjoy looking back on it when she is older! Very very touching post xxx

    • Thanks Sam! You’re too lovely!

      It did takes ages pulling it all together, but it’s what us mummies do isn’t it?! And yes, it was most definitely worth it in the end. So glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment xxx

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