IT’S frantic isn’t it this time of year?

So much to do, so little time? When we’re all supposed to fit everything in, I have absolutely no idea but still we can only do what we can do right?!

(Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

I’ve been up to all sorts of late, of the lovely variety, so I thought I’d share what’s been filling up my days and some news about what is to come!

First up, beauty…

Last Monday, I travelled to a nearby town to receive some serious pampering in the way of a spray tan with a difference and some eye lash extensions. A real treat for this shattered mum.

The fabulous Vicky from Drama Queen invited me to try out a full set of XD Eyelash Extensions (how on earth did I not know this existed?!) as well as the BAFTA tan – a slightly different spray tan, unusual because it contours you so you look both tanned and more defined in areas.

Genius huh?

Just over a week on and I still have a healthy glow from the tan which is frankly very impressive indeed, especially considering it took hardly any time at all.

Do I look slimmer? Well I think so yes, a little. But it’s the glow and colour that I have loved more than anything, particularly over the collarbone area and my torso. Get one for those special occasions.


And as for the eyelashes?! Well, I. Am. In. Love!

There’s only been two occasions in my life (so far) when a beauty treatment has swept me off my heeled feet. Discovering the brilliance of Shellac nails was one, this – eyelash extensions – is the other.

I am completely sold and am actually quite shocked at how much I adore my new open -eyed look that Vicky expertly created.

My eyelashes which are now so long and curled, they actually flutter in the breeze (!) look immaculate all day and all night long.

I no longer use any mascara, bar a little on the bottom lashes, and I seem to need to wear much less make up than before. To pardon the pun, it has certainly been an eye opener and dare I say it, but a little life transforming too.

If you fancy a pre-Christmas treat, that can last up to 8 weeks (!) then please do give eyelash extensions a whirl. I promise you, you’ll feel like a million dollars.

(Drama Queen currently have a special offer on too on their eyelash extensions, so don’t miss out!)

Thanks to the new eyelashes, I’ve also recently rediscovered the brilliance of Simple’s eye makeup remover (so cheap, so gentle and it works) and I’ve also been dabbling with coconut oil ( in the form of Coconoil) in the bathroom too, using it for everything from removing my make up (bar the eyes!) and moisturising my skin.

Yes, I may smell like a Bounty bar, but goodness me, my skin is soft! I cannot stop stroking it.

And next up, Christmas stuff!


This weekend, we spent the whole day on Saturday finishing off putting up the festive trimmings and of course the tree! It took much longer than i anticipated (doesn’t this always happen?!) but it looks wonderful and Elsie is beyond thrilled.

At the age of three, she’s finally beginning to grasp what it’s all about, which means Christmas really does feel very magical for us, this year.


We were kindly gifted this gorgeous Christmas tree by Riverside Garden Centre, a snowy white one and it looks so pretty and very retro indeed in our bay window.

(Although I did have to move some of the baubles Elsie hung on it to make it look a little more even! Bad Mummy!)

And on Sunday, we took Elsie to see Father Christmas who had us in tucks of laughter when she happily told the man himself, that Daddy would look like some ‘mucky beer’ please for Christmas this year.

She knows him so well! Thankfully there were no tears either. Just one very happy and excited little girl.

And now, life stuff!


On Friday, I took my Mum to York for an incredible champagne afternoon tea after we were kindly invited by Bettys to try it out.

(Definitely an offer, this gal couldn’t refuse!)

I’ll be writing about it all very soon and showing you some of the delicious food we happily wolfed down, but safe to say it was quite the treat!

Blogging wise, you can find me on George at Asda’s site again this week, as part of a style blogger feature, in which five of us styled up and shared our take on the classic pinafore dress. (I love my black version and wear it all the time.)

And finally, I’m very excited to be hosting my first blogging working lunch / seminar in a few days, on Friday in my hometown of Barnsley!

Please do let me know if you’re coming along and if you haven’t got a ticket yet (I think there are some left!) here are all the details and how to grab one.


Always busy. Slightly bonkers. But I really wouldn’t have it any other way… (although admittedly a few extra hours would be nice.)


What have you all been up to? And the big question…have you all finished your Christmas shopping yet?!


With love,







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14 Discussions on
  • What a great week you’ve had. The lash extensions looks great. My week has been busy with preparations for Christmas. Thankfully, I’ve finished the present shopping but there were cards to write and post, and my children’s school social diary is brimming over. I’m also waiting on hearing back from a literary agent about the novel I’ve submitted. Fingers crossed.

    • Thanks Fi! (I do absolutely love them as you can tell!) Well done you on the present shopping, amazing! And very best of luck with the novel. I hope you hear some amazing news very soon. x

    • Cheers darling! And yes Bettys is amazing! If you’re ever oop North, let me know and I’ll take you :) I’m so behind with Christmas stuff, it’s unreal! Argh! xx

  • Oh your eye lashes are amazing hunny. I always lose one or two and left with half of it still in tact but I do prefer them on look so much better. I am awful at picking at them tho so my fault really. You look stunning in them too. Love simple eye makeup remover too. Always a firm favorite. Loving the festive christmas celebrations and the tree! Off to peak at you over at George. We were there two weeks ago and it’s a lovely team to work with for the site isn’t it?

    • Thank you darling. I’ve lost a couple too but I’m trying not to fiddle with them in the hope that they stay on at least until after my Christmas night out with the girls on Saturday! George are a cracking team! It’s the second time I’ve worked with them and yep, always a pleasure! x

  • Hi Kate, hope the lunch seminar goes well tomorrow – I spotted it only the other day and imagine it will be really educative and insightful.
    As for smelling like Bounty from all that coconut oil, I can think of far worse things to smell of!

  • Wow, you have been a busy mummy!
    I;m not completely sold in eyelash extensions, I maybe haven’t found the right ones yet, but I find they only last a few sleeps as they end up moving and pointing in all different directions and they annoy me like that!..
    Your Christmas tree is fab, I love the snowy look ones. :) Our little boy is nearly 3 (in 3 months) and he’s started to ‘get it’ this year, so next year will be even better.
    Don’t feel guilty about bauble moving.. I did this also when he’s gone to bed. :) (I have Christmas decorations OCD..)
    Lovely to see you on the ASDA site and I wasn’t aware of your seminar, good luck with it though. :)

    • Ah Caroline, I know what you mean about moving them around! Did you not get a little brush to brush them with? I brush them morning and night and two weeks on, they’re still going strong so far although I have lost a couple. Thanks for your lovely words too and here’s too a magical Christmas! x

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