ISN’T it funny how just when you’re feeling life isn’t your best friend…

Things suddenly seem to buck up!

After a rotten few months, this week has been pretty marvellous in comparison and in terms of my work / blogging life, well things couldn’t be lovelier.

This week I found out that I have finally, finally (!) made the respected Tots100, after three and a half years of blogging  (I’m currently at no.72). Now if you’re a blogger yourself, you’ll get what a big deal this is (kinda) but if you’re not, let’s just say it’s a little sign that your blog is doing pretty well.

So yep, it’s definitely felt like a blogging milestone to me and if I never make the Tots100 again (although I’ll be honest, I really bloody hope I will!) well hey, at least I made it one time right?

Numbers and rankings certainly are not everything when it comes to blogging and in reality, in some ways, mean very little indeed but you know, as a blogger, a little pat on the back is always needed from time to time. And that definitely feels like one, for me, right now.

So I’m taking it! *winks*

This week I’ve also popped up on the George site, which I’m totally thrilled about! Da, daa!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 14.34.21

You can catch me here talking about how my beautiful Mum was my first fashion icon (she hasn’t seen it yet and I can’t wait to show her!) and wearing a few lovely pieces from George’s AW15 collection.

(Btw do check out George’s clothing next time you’re in Asda if you haven’t already. They really do have some smashing pieces in which are cheap as chips! Who knew?!)

And finally, after having to reschedule this event due to sickness, I’m finally able to say that I am hosting my first blogging learning lunch in Barnsley next month.

I’ll be running a one hour seminar and talking about everything from how this very blog has changed my life to how you too can make a living from blogging.

So if you’re in South Yorkshire or around these parts, please do pop along as I would love to see you! The event is funded so is free to attend and there’s also lunch included too. Not bad huh?

On a personal note things are bucking up too.

Elsie started her first swimming and dance lessons this week (and is a very happy girl about that!) and later today I’m whisking her off to see Disney On Ice in Sheffield.

We’ve very kindly been given front row seats from the organisers and I’ll be blogging all about it very soon. Safe to say we’re both a little excited and naturally, Elsie has even got a new Frozen dress for the occasion. (It lights up and everything, I kid you not.)

Tomorrow I’ll be hotfooting it down to London for Blogfest and catching up with some of my dearest blogging pals and then next week?

Well next week is all about my birthday as I turn 36 next Saturday. Here I am enjoying some very early birthday drinks with the girls…


I’ll also be devoting some time to getting cracking with writing my first book (eek!) as well as preparing for Christmas. It’ll soon be here won’t it?!

So life is looking a little rosier again. Thank bloomin’ goodness for that.

I do hope you’re had a smashing and all round rosy week too, so far. But if not, remember folks, it really is OK to not be OK sometimes. (I promise.)


With love,





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