LIFE: My love for #postcircle


WHEN it comes to communicating, handwritten letters are where magic lies.

You can keep your texts, emails and tweets. In my opinion, if you really want to make someone’s day, a surprise in the post is the best way to make someone smile.

Unfortunately ‘happy post’ is a bit of a rarity these days. Our letterboxes that years ago brought all kinds of fabulous correspondence into people’s lives, are now inundated with bills, promotional fodder or just plain old junk.

So as someone who loves to write and receive letters, you can imagine my absolute delight when I discovered the incredible #postcircle initiative launched by the lovely craft blogger Miss Beatrix.

After talking about the joys of receiving exciting post on her blog and receiving an enthusiastic reader response, Anna – aka Miss Beatrix – decided to get the ball rolling and help bring more happy post into people’s lives by creating #postcircle.

The idea behind #postcircle is that you join a small group of people, all of whom love to send and receive lovely post. In each group there are six members and after being assigned your first partner (just to get things going), you are then free to post to whoever you chose, within your group.

It’s a bit like pen-friends but a whole lot cooler. And a hell of a lot more creative too.

As a beloved #postcircle member, ( I am in the Red Squirrel group), I cannot tell you enough how wonderful an idea I think it is and how much I love being a part of it. #postcircle has made me excited to receive post again and has also introduced me to some wonderful and talented people whom I would never have discovered.

Here is my first #postcircle surprise. I mean, just look at it! Who wouldn’t want to receive more of this through their letterbox?!

2013-03-25 14

2013-03-25 14

So if you feel like your postbox is lacking some joy too, you have a couple of choices.

You can either start spreading some post love yourself (see my reasons on why we should all write more letters) or join the #postcircle revolution and become a member too!

You can find out all about #postcircle and how it works here. And if you want to have a wee nosey at the kind of post people are sending and receiving, check out the #postcircle hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for some inspiration.

Thank you Anna for bringing so much joy into people’s lives! #postcircle really is the future. I have a feeling it may even go global ;-)

Till the next time, get your pens out and write somebody, something. I beg of you!



P.S I must also sat thank you to my good Twitter and blogger pal Franki for making me aware of #postcircle in the first place. Thanks Franki! x

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14 Discussions on
“LIFE: My love for #postcircle”
  • You are very welcome I’m so glad you joined and love it as much as me. Although I’m a bit of a #postcircle failure at present! Hope my group will forgive me. Your first letter looks lovely. I hope the ball keeps rolling it’s such a fab idea isn’t it! Xx

    • It really is and I’m sure it will keep going! Fingers crossed. x

      P.S You’re not a #postcircle failure! Don’t worry if you’ve not had a chance to get a letter out or two. Nobody should feel any pressure to do it. We just need to try to do it when we have some spare time and because we love it. x

  • Hi Kate, I totally agree with Johann Wolfgann, the trouble is putting the pen to the paper, once you have done that then you’ve cracked it! There is nothing like a beautiful letter from someone past or present. You have certainly motivated my mind Kate. Thank you Lots of love Janine XXX

    • There really isn’t Janine. I love the way that you can keep letters and read them over and over again, when you want to.

      I often look at the letters I received from my Gran and will cherish them forever. So grateful I have them. Just looking at her handwriting makes me feel happy :)


  • Hello there Katie … I am loving #PostCircle too and must admit as a fellow Red Squirrel I have been a little behind in writing to everyone … I have posted a few letters and received some as well but will be making a big effort to get something in the post to you soon … Bee xx

    • Hello Bee! Lovely to hear from you.

      Don’t worry at all about being behind. I think everyone feels exactly the same (#postcircle guilt perhaps?!) Just do it when you can and when you feel inspired.

      Looking forward to communicating in a more magical way with you soon. :)



  • Thank you for such a diamond of a post about #PostCircle, Katie! I must admit that I had no idea it would grow to be such a big thing, and I’m so glad it did because so many positives are coming out of it. And I like being a postie matchmaker! Happy posting :) Anna xx

    • It was my absolute pleasure Anna! So pleased you enjoyed the post and thank you again for making it all happen xxx

  • This is a lovely #PostCircle post! I do like what you’ve received there, totally gorgeous! It is just so much nicer than emails and texts, which definitely have their place in my world, but it’s the letters than feel special and that I’ll treasure :)

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