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LIFE: My ‘cover girl’ moment!

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VERY very occasionally you get a surprise email that lands in your inbox which is so amazing, so fantastic, it is almost too good to be true.

And so, it was, on a fairly typical day in December that a very untypical email arrived in my inbox and made me squeal with joy.

The email was from a journalist from Essentials magazine inviting me to be on the cover (!) and I’m not lying when I tell you, that it is probably the most exciting email that I have ever received.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for me to say yes and just a few weeks later, I arrived at a photographic studio in London ready for the big ‘shoot’.

Met by a team of lovely people including the Editor Sarah, I was soon whisked into the make up chair ready to be made over before being handed over to the stylist to be dressed. Let me tell you folks, a whole lot of work goes into making a ‘real women’ cover ready!

Here are a few candid behind the scenes shots to show you the process, kindly taken by the lovely reporter Rosi.

I’ve just noticed that I look very serious in all these pics but I assure you I was having SUCH a good time between drinking much tea! (Typically I’d been up most of the night before with Elsie so was in desperate need of caffeine and under-eye concealer)

behind the scenes

And here, with the help of special lighting, much styling, lots of make up, plenty of hair jushing, an amazing photographer (thank you Dan!) and a wind machine (just call me Mariah),  is the end result!

From a ‘real woman’ to a cover girl! Amazing what a team of people can achieve isn’t it! And no, before you ask, there wasn’t a pout in sight.

cover before and after

Inside the magazine, you can also find me on page 11, talking life, memories, motherhood and freelancing.


And I know what you’re thinking, what about the other pics that didn’t make the cut?! Well here are some of them!

I really did love this blue dress (Wallis I think). And as for the posing, let me tell you, it was a lot harder than it looks. Head up, tummy in, shoulders back, hold, hold, hold…. you get the gist!

Apr_Cov_ 28403Apr_Cov_ 28495Apr_Cov_ 28664Apr_Cov_ 28656


And my favourite pic, out of the bunch…

Apr_Cov_ 28637


So what did I learn from this amazing but surreal experience? Well, a lot actually!

I learnt that…

*My hair looks better in pictures when it’s off my face – the team all agreed that my fringe was a bit ‘newsreaderish’ and that my face came alive when my hair was off not on my face. Bye bye fringe!

* That when it comes to clothes I should opt for bright, jewel colours and stay well clear of pale lemon. *shudders at the memory*

* That ‘modelling’ is much, much harder than it looks

* That it takes a whole team of people to make someone look cover ready.

* That it doesn’t matter how scary an experience might be, you just have to go for it and enjoy it!


* That the team at Essentials are quite possibly the loveliest bunch of media folk I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Being on the March cover of Essentials magazine is an absolute honour for me and not just because I’m on the front of a magazine (a girlhood dream come true) but because it’s the only UK magazine which celebrates and honours real, everyday women. And you will know, if you come here often, that this is what I’m all about, which is why this it couldn’t be more perfect!

So forget your celebrities, forget the gossip, grab yourself a copy of Essentials and be inspired.

It certainly makes a classy and refreshing change from all the trashy, female-slating mags out there and hey, the more copies that are bought, the less chance there is that I’ll be left languishing on the shelves. ;-)


A HUGE thank you to everyone I worked with and met at the shoot including Sarah (the Editor), Rosi (the reporter), Stuart (Art Director), Dan (photographer & magician), Tim (photography assistant), Sarah (make up artist and hair stylist) and Arabella (stylist). You’ve made this 34 year old ‘real woman’ very happy and proud indeed. Mwah! x

With love and ‘cover girl’ pouts,



* Please note all official images in this post are the property of Essentials magazine and have only been used with kind permission.

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