LIFE: Looking forward to BritMums Live!

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WITH the last few weeks whizzing by in a New York minute, I can hardly believe that in mere days I will be attending my first blogging conference and meeting up with some lovely blogging pals at Brit Mums Live.

As the UK’s largest blogging conference, it’s safe to say that I’ve wanted to attend for a couple of years now and so, when a very kind freelancing client of mine offered to send me to the ‘blogging ball of all balls’ I gotta admit, it felt like a Cinderella moment!

And so on Friday, off I will trot, in my heels to that there London to attend BritMums Live as Yellow Mellon’s sponsored blogger. I know, I’m lucky right?!

For those of you who don’t yet know, Yellow Mellon produce gorgeous childrenswear and sell it for a fraction of the RRP. With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing childrenswear, this team know a thing or too about kids fashion and so I feel very fortunate and very proud to be representing them. (And whilst we’re at it, you can find me on their blog this month too, sharing my pearls of wisdom on everything from parenthood to kids fashion.)

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As a relatively new online retailer, they are also incredibly keen to get involved with mummy bloggers and so you can betcha your bottom dollar, that I will be eagerly seeking many of you out across the two days, both to say hello and to hopefully tell you a little more about them too.

I am super excited for Friday, which means I’m a pretty giddy kipper right now and also, I’ll admit, a little nervous too. But nerves are always good aren’t they?! Especially when it comes to something so fantastic.

I just can’t wait to meet up with familiar faces and bloggers as well as meet new friends and something tells me that I’m going to have a blast. After all, we all know what happens when you get a group of mums together who have been let loose for a couple of child-free evenings! London, I hope you’re ready for us. ;-)

Here’s to a wonderful, exciting, life changing and fabulous couple of days. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Now then…what the hell am I going to wear?! …Answers on a postcard or comment purlease!

With love (and pouts)






P.S Before I get completely caught up in BritMums Live fever, I just wanted to say a quick but heartfelt thank you to all of you who kindly commented on my first vlog. The reaction has been amazing and I am deeply touched and a little surprised too, at how well received it was. I think we can safely say it won’t be the last you’ll be seeing of my funny ol’ face ;-) x

 Pssst… As Yellow Mellon’s sponsored blogger, I think it’s only fair and right that I tell all you hot Mammas that they are currently selling official Disney Frozen pyjama sets for less than a fiver! (Don’t tell them I told you *kidding* but if you enter FROZEN at the checkout, you can bag a pair for your little girl for just £4.99. Go, go, go while stocks last!


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6 Discussions on
“LIFE: Looking forward to BritMums Live!”
  • Whoop whoop, watch out London town!! Eek, its so exciting. Personally, I’m opting for me old birthday suit……hehe. Sorry, thats no help for you!! xx can’t wait to meet you gawjus xx

    • Haha! Well that’s one for us all to get noticed I guess ;-) *imagines headline -“Naked bloggers steal the show at BritMums Live”*

      Can’t wait to meet you too! It’s going to be FABULOUS! X

  • Yay! Can’t wait to see you and Zaz and all the gals this Friday and Saturday, it is going to be fabulous sweetie. P.S Loved your vlog, we want more chick x

    • Thank you darling! I’ll definitely be doing more in the future. And yes, roll on Friday, I’m SO excited! x

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