LAST week I wrote about taking some time out, to be still for a while.

After feeling pretty stressed by a never ending to do list, I gave myself permission to chill out and guess what folks, it’s working! Even though this week has been a little challenging, I’m already feeling much more relaxed about stuff.

It’s actually pretty hard learning to be still. Especially when you’re used to cramming as much as possible into every minute of every day. But I’ve made some progress and it’s definitely helping.

Over the last week I’ve started :

* Relaxing (a little) when Elsie has her nap

Before I’d use those 30-40 precious minutes (that I get twice a day) to squeeze in as many little jobs as I could.

Now? Well I sit my bottom down and enjoy a cup of tea. Yes, I still check my work emails, but it’s a start.

* Prioritising

I’ve learnt that I can only do, what I can do. Afterall, there are only so many hours in a day.

Now when I quickly run through my head the list of jobs that need doing, I prioritise HARD. When it comes to my to do list I’m getting brutal.

First and foremost my priority is looking after Elsie and being an ‘active mummy’. Not a distracted mummy, not a stressed mummy (both of which I was in danger of becoming) but a mummy who has plenty of time for fun and cuddles and isn’t constantly exhausted.

The pots that need washing? The clothes that need ironing? Now, unless they’re Elsie’s, they can damn well wait.

* Being less than ‘perfect’

Yesterday I was zero yummy and 100 per cent slummy. I was make up free, dressed in the blandest of outfits and had unwashed hair (which for me is virtually unheard of). I was, quite simply, as far away from perfection as you can get. But, and here’s the thing, it didn’t kill me! Hoorah!

Admittedly, it’s not how I like to look, but it felt ok. I lived with it quite happily, which hopefully shows that my quest for perfection is loosening up.

* To stop and relax

Like many women, I’ve still got much to learn when it comes to relaxing properly. My idea of relaxation at the minute is having a good soak in the tub whilst reading a book on er… work stuff or blogging.

So whilst I’ve got it half right, I’ve still got a way to go before I can completely disengage from ‘doing’ and just switch off.

All in all, these may sound like baby steps but hey, at least I’m going in the right direction.

Whilst I’ve not yet learnt how to properly ‘be still’, I am most definitely learning how to be ‘still-ER’. And that, my dear friends, is progress.

Till the next time, do nothing! ;-)



P.S My post on ‘being still for a while’ really hit home with readers last week. The incredible (and quite frankly) inspirational Jo Gifford of Dexterous Diva fame, responded to my post with a brilliant one of her own – ‘Superwoman can do one’ and I’m delighted to say, that she too is now on a mission to be easier on herself. 

The question now is, are you? Will you join the ‘be still, for while’ movement? x




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