LIFE: Girls night – staying in or going out?


I’m always eager for any excuse to wear heels – even if it isn’t really much of an excuse!

So when I meet up with the girls, you can be absolutely certain that I’m going to be sporting a pair of heels – the most fabulous ones I can dig out from my wardrobe.

And when I do meet up with my lovely ladies, one thing is certain. As long as I’m with them I can be sure of a good night.

But I’m still undecided about whether I prefer a quiet night in or a raucous night out these days. Recently I read a survey about exactly this and was pretty fascinated by some of the results so I thought I’d share some of them with you and get your thoughts.

Going out

Night out

Ok, so according to the survey, 65% of women said that going out on the town was best for a bit of ‘randomness’ whilst 62% said it was better for excitement. (I can definitely see their point here!)

But there were also other factors that aren’t so positive, in regards to a night on the tiles, that came up in the findings.

A whopping 74% of those surveyed said that you can be sure of spending lots of money on a night out which definitely has to be one of the downfalls, especially in these testing economic times.

If you’re making a proper night of it and going all out to have a good time, eating out and then drinks after can really stack up those precious pounds. Add a nightclub entrance fee on top of all this and well, let’s just say, you won’t have much change left in your purse by the end of the night.

I was delighted to see that many of the things that annoy me about a night out also featured. Half of those surveyed said it was pretty irritating having to pay to get into a club or a bar while 45 per cent said that getting a drink spilt over their stylish outfit was one of their main gripes. We’ve all been there!

But ladies what is going on with this?! Only 6% of those surveyed said that they thought their heels breaking was the worst part of the night! Now I don’t know about you, but that would definitely be one of my nightmares and yes folks, I have had it happen to me before, albeit a long time ago. *Shudders at the memory*

Staying in

Night in final copy

In regards to staying in, some of you may know that whenever I’ve had the girls over, I love making my own cocktails. Why? Well they taste great, are far more glamorous than a glass of plonk and cost a fraction of the price they would in a bar. I adore Cosmopolitans and Mojitos, but am also always open to try out any other ideas my girlfriends have.

Unsurprisingly, the survey said that one of the best things about staying in is the chit-chat with 57% of women questioned agreeing and I have to say that for me this is definitely the best bit.

After all, it’s pretty hard to catch up on all the gossip when there’s music blaring out all around you! Plus, I have to admit, now I’m a mummy to a little one, staying in and having fun means not having to worry about a babysitter too which is a massive plus in my book.

So what about you? Which do you prefer? Are you always up for a night out or do you find that these days, you’d much rather have a cosy night in?

Till the next time, it doesn’t really matter how you catch up with your girlfriends, just make sure you do!




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3 Discussions on
“LIFE: Girls night – staying in or going out?”
  • Great blog!
    I love having nights out, especially ones that turn out random, and you end up somewhere very unexpected!! But also love chilling indoors with a bottle (or two) and a good chinwag with the ladies! Xxx

    • Thanks Laura! Yes, it’s a tough choice isn’t it! Both definitely have massive appeal, although very different. x

  • Hey Katie,
    thanks for the post, it seems like the Ladbrokes survey has received a lot of attention in the bloggerverse! I’m all up for nights in, however, having now moved to a new city and currently in the process of making a solid base of friends, I’m finding the latter a bit challenging. Speaking of – I’ve recently blogged about the social etiquette for ladies-only hangouts for Citysocializer at, would be great to know what you think! Cheers!

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