LIFE: A Saturday night with Germaine Greer


AT about 8pm on Saturday night, I was battling with myself not to cry.

I wasn’t watching X-Factor or a sad soppy film. Nor was I at a wedding or in the middle of a heated argument.

I was listening to the brilliant, passionate and totally inspirational Germaine Greer speak at my local theatre and I was trying not to cry because I didn’t want to end up a sniffling, sobbing mess in public. It was my Saturday night out after all.

Listening to Germaine Greer speak about the mistreatment of women across the world, including right here at home in the UK, literally broke my heart. You just couldn’t help but be moved and feel motivated to try and bring about more change.

Her talk was enlightening, incredibly sad at times, powerful and profound. I can honestly say that I learnt more listening to Germaine talk for an hour and half than I have in years. Her talk has absolutely changed me. Truly it has.

It has made me more determined than ever to do my bit in helping to try and change things, to continue to believe in women, to try and inspire women through this blog, to look at my own life and see what I can do to help the women that I love and care for, in particular my precious daughter Elsie.

Out of everything Germaine said on Saturday night, the following words have stuck with me the most. They are ridiculously simple. She said:

 ” We really need to start giving ourselves a break.”

Seriously, how true are these words? How often are we kind to ourselves and to other women that we know?

I don’t know about you but I think it’s about time we started to do just this.

To create any change, WE have to BE the change, so let’s do it. Starting today.

Are you with me? I sure as hell hope so. x


Till the next time, always ALWAYS embrace the sisterhood.






P.S To my wonderful Twitter pal Mayah whom I met for the first time on Sat night and who came with me to listen to Germaine, THANK YOU so much for treating me to my ticket and for being such brilliant and entertaining company. What a great night it was :) x

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“LIFE: A Saturday night with Germaine Greer”

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