Lessons from Elsie: When life knocks you down, you gotta get right back up again

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IT feels almost ridiculous to be typing that my beautiful little girl will soon be turning two.

But yet two she will indeed turn in just over a months’ time.

Watching her develop into the spirited, inquisitive, clever, funny and all round wonderful girl that she is, has been and continues to be just a joy. Exhausting and difficult at times yes (toddlerdom is tricky!) but she really is just a pleasure to behold.

Elsie has recently started with ‘the questions’ which of course means that whatever we do or wherever we go, she demands some answers as to what this crazy ol’ world of ours is all about. And as I tell her  the names of everything from a bee to a digger or try to explain to her why something has happened or why she can’t have everything she wants, she listens and concentrates and takes it all in.

She’s like the prettiest sponge in the world, constantly absorbing information and getting stuck into the little crevices of knowledge and life.

But whilst she thinks I have all the answers to her many, many questions, what she doesn’t realise is that she is also teaching me. In fact, as I’ve said before, I think my daughter is one of my greatest teachers.

There is much I love about Elsie. In fact, scrap that. There is NOTHING I don’t love about Elsie.

But one of the things I absolutely adore about her, in particular, is her spirit and her determination. She is, for those of you who don’t know her, a little fire cracker. Feisty, explosive and constantly bubbling with excitement and joy.

Nothing and no one will stand in her way from getting what she wants or doing what she wants to do. And even though as her Mum, I of course know that she needs to understand she can’t always do or have what she wants, I can’t help but admire her go getting attitude, resilience and courage.

Whilst walking home the other day from a quick trip to the local park, Elsie fell down. Not once, but three times. She scuffed her knees and grazed the palms of her hands a little and yet, she never whinged or cried. As quickly as she fell down, she was back up. And all I could think to myself was, “that’s my girl.

Whenever she stumbles (which is still pretty often, she’s yet to learn that her tiny steps doesn’t quite match the size of her personality!) I always ask her if she’s ok. And every time, she simply replies: “I’m fine”, picking herself up and carrying on with a huge smile on her face and a willingness to get going.

But how many of us can say the same?

How many of us, after getting knocked down by one of life’s big punches, get back up as quickly as we’ve fallen and carry on with the same kind of determination?

It’s not always easy of course. We all know that. Elsie’s trips and falls are little, minor stumbling blocks in comparison to the major stuff we encounter in our lives as adults, like illness, divorce, death or redundancy.

Sometimes, it requires more strength than we can muster to get back up as quickly as we’ve been knocked down. And often, when we have the wind knocked out of our sails, we just need some time and space to catch our breath again.




And that of course is ok. But eventually, when we do feel stronger, we have to find a way of standing back up, shaking ourselves off and carrying on in the world. We have to continue to put one step in front of the other as we attempt to hold our heads high.

We may not bounce back up as quickly as Elsie does when she falls, but that’s alright as long as we DO make the effort to get back up and carry on.

Life is a wonderful ride but also brutal at times and there will always be occasions when we feel like we’ve taken one punch too many. But the key, as I’ve learnt from my daughter, is that when life puts a massive hurdle in your way, you just need to find a way to clamber over it and keep going. And be determined that you will get over it, somehow.

Because there is always a way to get over anything that life throws at us. Be it as something as small as an unexpected rise in a curb that makes us trip up or a mountain of personal problems that just seems too much to tackle, all we need to do is just take one little (toddler) step at a time.

And if sometimes, we need to sit still a while and have a rest before we can continue on our journey, well then hey, just like Elsie, we can always pick some daisies whilst admiring the view.


With love (and pouts)






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13 Discussions on
“Lessons from Elsie: When life knocks you down, you gotta get right back up again”
  • Beautiful post darling, made me grin throughout (amazing little girl you have there) and I really needed to read this today-sleep deprived and a little down, a lesson from Elsie has helped me a lot- thank you and I think our little ones would really get on (although my boys cry when they fall)-they need some Elsie tough love x

    • Thanks Vicki! She really is SUCH a character! ;-) So pleased this post helped you a little, sleep deprivation is brutal, we still don’t get enough of it in our household so I feel your pain.

      Would be lovely to see you with your boys soon! Let’s sort out a get together! x

  • Lovely post! Luca can be a bit of a wimp when he falls but then when he actually hurts himself he just says ‘ouch’ or ‘it hurts’. They are amazingly resilient little things aren’t they and your right, watching their determination reminds me to be more determined and not let anything get in my way. I pray he carried this spirit with him his whole life. Cannot wait to see you at Luca’s party. Will be lovely to see how big Elsie is now, been ages since we last caught up hasn’t it? Xx

    • Thank you Franki! Can’t wait to see you guys too! It HAS been ages, too long for sure :) x

  • That is a #BrillianBlogPost for sure! I totally agree that we need to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down after any disappointments but some days it’s trickier than others.
    Kids can teach us so much about what does and doesn’t matter though.
    Your little one is gorgeous. x

  • My son has got my clumsy genes and would fall every so often. Bruised knees are a fixture in his legs. But he never cry over them (unless its like massive fall). He just go back up and continue whatever it is that he is doing. Somewhere, somehow I even have this feeling that he has already perfected the art of falling at age 4 =)

    This is a lesson to me as I am a weak person. Everyday my son is inspiring me. Everyday he shows so much strength like your daughter.

    Kids are so good at not giving up. #BrilliantBlogPosts

    • They really, really are. Thanks so much Merlinda. I believe we can learn MUCH from our children, more than we may even realise at times. Delighted to hear your son inspires you too. x

  • My two year old is the same. He falls over or falls off something. I ask him if he is fine. He replies “Yes, fine”. And carries on with what he is doing. I always wonder why he doesn’t learn. Why he carries on what he’s doing when there is a chance he will fall over or fall off again. But this post makes me see it differently. He is learning. He is learning to carry on. To not admit defeat. Hmmm. Now perhaps I can learn from him too! Oh to be a two year old again!

    • Gosh they’re incredible aren’t they? The resilience of little ones never fails to amaze me. So pleased this post has made you look at his behaviour a little differently! x

  • I love Elsie and her lessons, can she please come tell my sons to stop wailing at the slightest fall. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts xx

  • I love this post and so true. My youngest has just turned two and sometimes I think I could learn a lot from her carefree attitude, determination and ‘pick yourself up’ attitude.
    Your little girl sounds great, so much fun.

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