LESSONS FROM ELSIE: My wise (young) owl…

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MANY a time I look at my little Elsie Porridge and think she is the wisest person I know.

You may think that’s crazy. And perhaps you would be right.

Afterall, she’s only eight months old.

But I ask you this – have you ever met a happy, bouncing baby who doesn’t know how to really enjoy life?

For my awesome little girl may be young, but make no mistake, she’s as smart as a cookie when it comes to understanding what really matters.

Elsie cannot yet walk, nor can she talk, but still she understands better than most adults I know, the key to a good time and the secret to really connecting with others.

How so you ask? Well let me explain.

Elsie laughs loudly and unashamedly at the littlest and most random of things.

She smiles a lot, even at strangers. And when it comes to giving someone one of her ‘full beams’ she never discriminates.

She enjoys every single morsel of her food, smacking her lips in anticipation when she sees her food. When she’s hungry you know about it, but when she’s satisified, she’s full of (more) smiles.

She is constantly learning and teaching herself new tricks and her enthusiasm for knowledge never wanes. She is into everything. Her thirst to know more, do better, knows no bounds.

She fails often in her endeavours but yet never gives up. Yes she gets frustrated but her failures will not stop her. She’s a battler and just keeps on trying.

She has plenty of toys but knows that when it comes to having serious fun, the best entertainment is human interaction. All she wants is your undivided attention, a smile, a cuddle, a song.

She gives her love freely, without any motive and receives it happily. And she’s always at her most content when held in safe, loving arms.

She laughs, loves and learns. A lot. Every single day. And it’s never in half measures. She seeks joy and finds it everywhere. And because of this, I now see and seek it too.

Her love, her enthusiasm, her enjoyment for life is written all over her beautiful face. She is young but a wise ol’ owl for she knows how to truly live.

How many of us can honestly say the same?

Till the next time, take a leaf out of Elsie’s book and live not a little but a LOT!



* ‘Lessons from Elsie’ is a series of posts written to celebrate my journey into motherhood because Elsie is the best life teacher there is.
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“LESSONS FROM ELSIE: My wise (young) owl…”

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