Ladies, it’s time to get sassy!…


IF you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Think about it. It’s pretty tough isn’t it?

How about choosing one word that you aspire to be? Struggling?

Well dear friends, let me help. Here’s one word that I think we should all aim to be. One word that I love and aim to be more of, every single day.

Ladies, it’s time to get SASSY.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, sassy means lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky’. A pretty awesome description if ever there was one, don’t you think?

To me sassy pretty much sums up everything I aspire to and ultimately try to be. It’s a word that represents strength of character but also femininity. The perfect combination.

In my book, being sassy is about:

* Being bold but never reckless.
* Knowing who you are (yep, every inch)
* Being smart but not too ‘clever’.
* Owning your style (regardless of whether or not ‘it’s in Vogue‘)
* Never being afraid of saying what you feel or think.
* Thinking for yourself and making your own decisions.
* Knowing your worth as a woman and embracing your femininity.
* Being cheeky but always with good humour.
* Being cool but never taking yourself too seriously.
* Being sexy but also ladylike.
* Going out there and grabbing life by the ‘you know whats’.
* Living your life the way you see fit, without looking for approval.

I’ve decided to embrace my sass. Lovely ladies, I hereby urge you to do the same.

Want to join me on my sassy mission? Stay tuned for my ‘sass tips’ coming soon!

Till the next time, don’t forget to love your sass and kick life’s ass! ;-)



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