WE’VE been in our house for three years now.

And our lovely 1920s house, still needs a lot of work. When we moved in, with Elsie at just six weeks old (yep, totally mad!), it was like an 80s woodchip city.

And although we’ve done lots of work on the house already – knocked down walls, put in a new kitchen etc etc – the one room in the house that is absolutely desperate for some much needed love and attention is our bedroom.

It is, I think, quite possibly the worst room in the house so far. And it’s making us miserable.

But, not anymore!

Because I’m on a mission people, to transform it into a glamorous and relaxing sleep / lurve palace. Yep, it’s time for us to have a proper grown up and sophisticated bedroom, with a little touch of the exotic.

So as it’s National Wallpaper Week this week so I’ve finally bitten the bullet and ordered this stunning Kelly Hoppen Ikat White / Prussian Blue wallpaper from Graham and Brown.

I love the bold but sophisticated print, am a huge fan of navy blue and white and just know it will make a fabulous statement wall in our 1920s room that currently has mint green wood chip walls. (And no sadly, I’m not kidding.)

I’m envisaging teaming it with white painted floorboards (which my husband is going to love me for!) and a really thick sumptuous fur rug – or two – perfect for our cold toes on a winter’s morning.

As well as these really lovely pieces…

It's time to decorate our bedroom


WallpaperWhite Mirror / Large grey mink rug / Duvet Cover / Tea Light Holder

So what do you think?!

I cannot wait for the wallpaper to arrive and get cracking. Having a stylish and comfortable bedroom is going to be such a treat!

After all, when you spend a third of your life in bed, making the room where you sleep look amazing, is important isn’t it?!

And I gotta tell you, I’m certainly not going to miss the mint green walls.


With love,






c/o Top image is courtesy of Graham & Brown.

Disclaimer – this post was created in collaboration with Graham & Brown.



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