It’s time for #wisdominheels

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SO, this week I decided to launch a new ‘thang’, just a little thing, a mini project if you like.

For those of you who have missed it on my social media accounts, in a nutshell, I have decided to start a daily task in which every day I will share some words of wisdom.

But not just any ol’ wisdom. Nope.

Wisdom that only comes from the lips, minds and souls of women.

As women, our voices are often quietened. And indeed, sadly, in far too many cases, often silenced.

Women’s voices are too often ignored in meetings, too often unheard, too often belittled.

We are told to ‘calm down dear’ (remember that gem from our own Prime Minister), to be quiet, be polite and to not rock the boat.

Our views are mocked. Our opinions are not held in the same esteem. Our words are not heard and not shared enough.

Stinks doesn’t it?

Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by inspirational woman. Women from all walks of life, of varying ages, from different cultures.

I have been fascinated by their stories and have been moved by their words.

I have listened to their wisdom and been left in awe.

I’ve even shared snippets on here from personal letters from my Gran, who was probably the wisest woman I have ever known.

As for me? Well, this very blog has given me a voice. A voice that enables me to connect with others and share my stories.

Words are powerful and having a voice that is heard, that is recognised, that is respected, is everything.

Why? Well because without it, we pale into insignificance.

Women should not be ignored. Women should not be left out of the history books. Women do not deserve to be seen and treated as ‘less than’.

And so folks, my little mission has begun. #wisdominheels is born.




Every day (for as long as I can), I’ll do my best to share a quote on social media like the one pictured above. These quotes may come from something I’ve read that day or from words that I’ve heard spoken.

The one thing in common? You’ve got it – all will come from women.

Today is day four and already I’m loving the response #wisdominheels has had, with some of you even sharing your favourite quotes with me already! Marvellous that!

If you’ve missed all the action, fret not, you can catch them all on my Instagram account or FB page.

I really hope you’ll enjoy it and obviously, it goes without saying, please come and join in too! Every week I’ll try and share my favourite quotes that you’ve come across.

Let’s keep celebrating women’s voices and sharing them, shall we? The world needs to hear much more of them.

Welcome to #wisdominheels.


With love,






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