WHY, hello there!

How the devil are you all? Are you all having a super Summer holiday?

I’m back from taking a little a break away from the blog to enjoy some special time with my family and I have to say getting back to work, isn’t as easy as I thought.

My body isn’t quite ready to get back into the swing of things (so to speak) as quickly as I imagined, so although I had planned on bringing you all a bit of a monster of a post today, I’ve decided to ease myself back in gently and give you all a little food for thought post instead.

So how was my break, I hear you ask?

Well, I’ll be honest it was pretty damn heavenly. I mean, just look at that photo of me above? Do I look happy or do I look happy?

Our week in Kefalonia was just what we all needed and the island was more beautiful than I’d dared hoped. I’ll be blogging about it shortly so if you love Greek Islands, stay tuned!

As promised, I wore not one but two bikinis with absolute pride and to prove that I stand by what I say, here’s me doing my posing thang in a little red two piece. (Oooh la la!)


I swam, I floated, I ate lots of delicious Greek food, I drank wine, I built sandcastles with Elsie and I watched the most beautiful sunsets and the stars come out at night.

And, for the first time in years, I read two books. TWO whole books! In a week! Such a treat, I tell you!

All in all, it was perfection.

Bar replying to a couple of urgent emails and sharing a few snaps on Instagram, I switched off from the online world and quelle surprise, felt so much better for it.

So much better in fact, that since I’ve been home, I’ve been on social media a lot less than I was previously and I intend to keep it this way.


Well, because between you and I, I’ve realised that my wellbeing isn’t as ‘well’ as I would like it to be.

I’ve realised that I need to make some changes. I’ve realised that I need to switch off more. I’ve realised that I need to work less.

It’s pretty difficult to keep track of your wellbeing when you’re at home, in reality, don’t you think?

Modern life demands so much from us all.

We have bills to pay, children to feed, houses to clean.

We have jobs to do, money to earn, people to keep happy.

We are bombarded with distractions all day long, from the time we rise to the time we ‘get to feather’.

Dishwashers bleep. Doorbells ring. Phones vibrate. People message us. Distractions. Requests. Interruptions.

I’m weary just thinking of it all. Are you?

But when you remove yourself from normality and have a change of scene, suddenly things start to become clearer.

Or at least, certainly that is what has happened for me.

Because I’ve realised that my life isn’t very peaceful. That it’s too busy. That I’m overstretched and still trying to please everyone.

That my phone is a constant interruption. That too many people take up too much of my precious time. And that I need to change my ways.

I need to increase my ‘wellbeing’. I need to feel connected to ‘me’ more.

I want to stop feeling anxious and harassed. I want to stop wasting my life on social media.

So I’ve already started making a few changes.

Yesterday when I was feeling guilty that I ‘should’ be getting back to blogging, I ignored the guilt, listened to my body and gave myself a day off.

I’ve switched off most of my alerts on my phone and at night, have even started to turn my phone off. (A total first!)

I’ve decided that I’m going to be much stricter with the time I spend on social media, because although I do love it (Twitter and Instagram particularly), often, it takes over my days!

I’m going to be taking weekends off, completely.

And when it comes to this blog and life, from now on, when it comes to opportunities, unless it’s a “hell, yeah!” then it will be a no.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. But I am saying to myself, it needs to be done.

On Saturday morning, just over a day since I’d returned from holiday, I found myself feeling stressed out and anxious.

And that is when it dawned on me.

I cannot go on like this. That I do not want my life to be like this.

That if I want to change my life and increase my wellbeing, then this Mama has got to get serious.

I’ve learned that I need to be more focused. I know that I need to be much choosier about whom I spend my time with and why.

And I’ve realised that I have to make time, for ME.

Not for ‘ME’ to do more work or to reply to more emails.

Not for ‘ME’ to put the washing in or do some ironing.

Not for ‘ME’ to spend two hours just scrolling through social media.

But for ‘ME’ to relax, read a book, listen to music, do some yoga or just do nothing at all.

My wellbeing matters so I intend to do a better job of honouring and protecting it.

And, my ‘food for thought’ question for you all is – do you need to do the same?

It’s definitely worth thinking about, isn’t it?


With love,



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  • Absolutely agree with you – you cannot be ‘on’ all the time as, once you start, people expect you to answer emails immediately and be available at a moment’s notice. This week I am focusing on one thing – decorating – and sitting down at my laptop now for the first time all day. Everything else can wait.

  • Welcome back hun! While you have been away I have come to the very same conclusion, I am tired of being tired and so plan on spending more time being me from now on. xx

  • Oh good luck. This is a good idea. Switching off is so important. I try to set myself time to blog and then leave my phone off or in my bag when I am spending time with the family. Great plan and hope you feel better for it :) Jess xx

  • Welcome back! And yes I agree, holidays really are a great opportunity to slow down and to reflect on what is important, to consider the longer term journey and life goals rather than the tasks that consume us in the day to day. The challenge is not to slip back into pre-holiday habits and to continue to focus on the bigger picture. Good luck and I am very jealous of your holiday. It looks glorious. X

  • This is so bloody true, and I agree with everything, yet why can’t I stop myself aimlessly scrolling through Twitter and Facebook – often not even reading properly? My Husband and I talk about this a lot, we also feel as though we have lost the ability to just ‘do nothing’ – the phones come out when watching films for God’s sake! That is really not good at all.

    I have no self control. I think my brain had rewired it self to always need to be plugged in. Its like a psychological addiction has manifested itself physiologically, my hands just always need to be touching a bloody screen.

    I too need to make this effort, and I don’t even earn from my blog – yet I think about it all the time. See, now it gone 10pm, I’m online still. So I’m stopping, right now, and reaching for Radio 4.


  • Food for thought indeed Kate! It is so easy to get sucked into the old bad habits as soon as we’re back in our home environments post-holiday – and then all the goodness is undone…

    I finally got around to reading ‘Thrive’ on my summer holiday (rather ironic that I couldn’t make the time for it before). Like your blog post, it made some really valid points about curtailing the time you spend ‘connected’ and on social media.

    Good luck. We should all resolve to be kinder to ourselves :-)

  • Sounds Idyllic – and why not wear a bikini #hotmumma! Looks good! I love greek islands too and need a holiday after reading this! x

  • Welcome back, Kate! Glad you all had a lovely time in beautiful Greece!

    I totally agree with about needing time to switch off from the demands of modern life and make more time for you. When I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago, I managed to chill right out and felt amazing for it. I hadn’t realised just how stressed I had been until I managed to wind down a bit. I’m trying not to let the stresses of daily life get to me as much now that I’m back. Enjoy the weekend ahead! xx

  • Oh my goodness, yes! It is absolutely worth thinking about. I was pondering something similar the other day, and have started to draft a blog post.
    I’m so tired of feeling guilty if I take some time but I’ve come to realise that it’s such an important part of a balanced lifestyle.
    Taking time out doesn’t make me lazy, in my eyes it’s the smart thing to do.
    Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday, can’t wait to hear more of this beautiful island x

  • On Friday I started work at 7:30, so I had to get up at 5:15. By about 11:30 it was clear there was really nothing to do so I asked my manager if I could take some annual leave and I finished at 1. After a necessary trip to Boots, I got back home at about 2, giving me nearly three hours before I needed to leave the house to get Gwenn from nursery. And what did I do with that precious time? Housework. And then I picked Gwenn up half an hour early because I still feel a bit guilty about the fact she goes to nursery, even though it’s only one day a week. I just cannot do “nothing” and I just cannot accept that doing something for me is okay. This is something I really want to change and I think I needed to read this post this morning. xx


  • Beautiful post my love, and you are looking *stunning* in your bikini! Glad you had such a great break, it’s so good for the soul to properly switch off every now and then. I did the same on my family holiday to Greece earlier in the year and it was fab :) xxx #sundaystars

  • Great post. I’m a big believer in focusing on wellbeing. It can be really difficult to balance the competing parts of our lives and I’m still very much on the journey of discovering how to get (and maintain!) that balance.

    I’ve started with exercising more and finding time for me each day. Apart from feeling more relaxed and less stressed, it also means I can switch from technology and get some time out to focus on my own wellbeing. Good luck with your mission. It’s such an important one :-) Hx #SundayStars

  • Love this post and what a great figure! The book thing sounds like heaven! I miss reading so much! But its hard having a baby, a husband and working! I totally agree. I need more ‘me’ time xxx

  • Yep! I completely agree. This is exactly how I felt coming back from it holiday – we were on a cruise with no internet for more or less two weeks. Within days I was back on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging … Not to mention working full time! I’m going to try again to dedicate more time to myself after reading this.
    Thank you – it’s just what I needed to read!
    Alana x

  • great post and may i add you looked lovely in that bikini! It’s good for the soul to take some time out and relax a little, get away even if its just for a few nights. We can get so wrapped up in life that we sometimes forget to enjoy it. I can’t wait for our holiday in may next year. Also taking the little one to butlins in a few weeks which means NO COOKING so i’m really happy about that haha

  • Oh I completely agree with all of this. I’m glad you had a great holiday away. I had one of these moments of revelation this week. I took the day off and had such a lovely morning outside in the sun and it made me realise that I’ve not been looking after ‘me’. I’ve nt been exercising because I’m working, I’ve not been mindful, because I’m working, I’ve not been present in the moment with my daughter, because I’m working. Life is too short and we should come first. ‘Never get too busy working that you forget to live your life’ is my spin on the infamous quote. I’m glad you feel better and are taking some much needed time out for you. :-) x #sundaystars

  • Well said Mrs! I had this little epiphany myself a few months back and on the whole have kept to my promise. It means my Facebook page is slightly neglected and my pinterest boards are not doing anything but I’m happy and I do what I can, when I can. Like now, I can’t sleep so I’m reading. Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars honey. By the way, fab bikini shot! They are not easy to pull off (I’ve tried myself in this week’s post – argh!) but you’ve managed it effortlessly.

  • This is exactly, and I mean EXACTLY what I have been thinking and feeling. I am weary of the pressure to be in touch, and to fill my time with things that are not ultimately nourishing me or leave me feeling somewhat empty. It’s why I introduced Golden Time over the holidays and intend to keep it going, and wrote a post about it. Long may we hold on to doing the things that are best for us! Xx

    • Here, here! So much I could (and no doubt probably will *winks*) write on this! That constant pressure to be in touch with others is absolutely exhausting at times. Love the idea of ‘Golden time’! x

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