blog soul mate

blog soul mate

THERE are millions of blogs out there, including this one.

Millions of people sharing their thoughts and lives on a regular basis, for you to enjoy.

But how do you find ‘the one’?

The blog that speaks to you. The blog that makes you hang onto every word. Your blog soul mate.

How the devil do you track them down and introduce them to your busy, hectic life?

On this blog, I’ve talked often about blogging – how you can improve your blog, what blogging has done for me and the realities of being a blogger.

Yet, it occurred to me the other night whilst I was sat having my tea, that I haven’t really covered blogging, for the reader.

For you guys! – most of which (to my knowledge) – are not fellow bloggers.

Besides being a blogger myself, I am a huge blog fan. Indeed, the majority of stuff I read these days, is not in magazines or on news sites, but on blogs.

Brilliant, brave, beautiful blogs.

Reading blogs has opened my awareness, encouraged me to try different things and welcomed me into fascinating new worlds.

If you’re wondering how on earth to find some decent blogs to add to read to your reading collection, then step this way.

Here’s how to find the blogs that will capture your heart and how to know when you’ve found ‘the one’.


How to find your blog soul mate


1. Think about what appeals to you

What are you looking for? What interests you?

Is is stunning photography or video? Beautiful writing or a glamorous life? Parenting topics or crafty DIYs?

Think about what floats your boat and then search accordingly.


2. Check out recommended blogs

Most bloggers read a lot of blogs. Quelle surprise. And most of us like to share our favourites with you! (It’s all part of the blogging love).

Here for instance, are some of my favourites, all of which are well worth a visit.

So do check out recommended blogs by bloggers, networks or forums and see which ones stand out from the crowd.


3. When you read a post, dig deeper then follow

We’ve all done it. Come across some post on social media, read it, loved it, perhaps even commented and moved on, only to soon forget about that brilliant blog we found! Argh!

There is nothing more frustrating, as a reader. And nothing more heart breaking for a blogger.

I’ve done this so many times, read something brilliant but then not had time to dig deeper into their blog and make sure  I was following them.

So don’t make my mistake. If you read something that resonates with you, take a few minutes to check out the rest of the blog and follow! Chances are you won’t regret it.


4.  Don’t just think the biggest blogs are the best

Yes many are, and for good reason, but smaller, newer blogs can also be brilliant! New blogs are launching every day, so keep your eyes peeled and stay curious.

Sometimes we are too often swayed by blog names that pop up a lot in the media or whom everyone shouts about, which is natural and absolutely fine, but don’t overlook the smaller ones too.

My blogging favourites are a mixture of ‘famous’ blogs and relatively unknown gems, and this is exactly the way I like it.


5. Listen to your heart

There’s a song in here somewhere, but in all seriousness, the difference between finding a blog you like and discovering one you love, is all to do with the ‘heart’.

When you come across a blog, think. How does it make you feel?

Nothing? Something? Everything?

All of my favourite blogs have one thing in common. They may be heavy on words or full of photographs. They may cover fashion, feminism or parenting. They may be written by a woman or a man. They may be hugely successful or a mere whisper in the blog world.

But they all – every single one – speak to my heart.

They brighten my day when I’m feeling rotten. They inspire me to be a better person. They make me roar with laughter or cry floods of tears.

They are real and honest and charming and wonderful, and my online world is a much happier place for having them in it.

When you find a blog you love, indeed, when you find your blog soul mate, like with all matters of the heart, you will just know.

You’ll feel light, happy and motivated or emotional, passionate and moved. You’ll hang on to every word or pour over every photo. And you’ll rarely miss a post.

Yes folks, finding your blog soul mate is a truly fabulous thing.

And do you want to know what’s even better? Unlike relationships, it’s perfectly more than ok to have more than just one.


Ok everyone, how did you come across your favourite blog/s? And what makes your favourite/s, exactly that? Be you a blogger or a non-blogger, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

With love,




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