I KICKED off my blog this year with a simple request.

That we all try a little bit harder to be kind to ourselves. (Because it’s not always easy is it?)

So when I was asked to get involved with an utterly fantastic campaign which is actively encouraging women to do more of this, you can bet your bottom dollar that I shouted ‘hell yeah!’ as women’s happiness is something I care greatly about.

As part of their latest campaign #WomanKind, Weight Watchers UK, carried out some research and found that a whopping 89% of women would complement others in a way that they would never dream of complimenting themselves.

Depressing huh?

They also discovered that 85% of women wish they could be kinder to themselves. I don’t know about you but that makes me incredibly sad.

This has just got to change hasn’t it?

All the self loathing. All the negativity. All the pressure we put on ourselves.

Isn’t it about time we started to show ourselves the love and kindness we deserve?

The Weight Watchers UK campaign is aiming to help more women feel confident with their mind, body and soul. And I for one, am delighted to get involved in helping them to do this.

So to support their brilliant campaign, I’m sharing what being #WomanKind means to me.

Here are five things you can do, today, to be much kinder to yourself.


How to be womankind


You know what I mean. Thinking you have to look perfect. Thinking your house has to be perfect. Thinking your behaviour has to be perfect.

Newsflash folks, NO ONE is perfect. NO ONE has a perfect life. Including me.

It’s very easy, particularly today when we’re surrounded by beautiful images of perfection on social media, to feel that huge amount of pressure that seems to exist everywhere, for us to live up to ridiculous standards.

But it’s simply not possible.

One of the easiest ways you can be kinder to yourself is to stop trying to be perfect. Right now, today. Self improvement is fabulous, but flogging yourself with an imaginary stick because you believe you’re below par in some way, is absolutely not.

Imperfection is perfection. So let’s have more of that.



I read this advice once and it really made me smile, because it’s so true!

Eat well. Move around. Be creative. Laugh. Be honest about your feelings. Take yourself to bed early.

All very basic stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree but be honest now…how often do you do this on a daily basis?

Being kind to yourself starts with these simple yet fundamental things, so if you’re struggling, just think ‘how would I treat a toddler right now?’ and the answer will come.


ToDreamSuzanneFINAL 43



Whatever that is. Whatever that looks like to you. What does make you happy?

As a mum and self employed freelancing hustler, I often find that days can go by before I’ve spent any time whatsoever doing anything – besides my job which I love – that actually makes me happy. I’m not alone right?!

Us women spend so much of our lives looking after everyone else and tending to other people’s happiness levels. But what about us?

One of the best ways I’ve found to be kinder to myself and boost my happiness levels whilst I’m at it, is to create a non negotiable list, of all the things that I cannot / will not live without.

This includes everything that makes me happy. And all the stuff that doesn’t.

It’s liberating. It’s sassy. And it really does work.



I’ve written about this so many times on the blog previously, but really, THIS, for all women is so important.

You have to learn to love your body, ladies!

It is absolutely impossible to be kind to yourself and treat yourself lovingly if you do not love the body that you live in. How can it be?!

There are many things you can do which will help if you’re struggling. Things like:

  • Stop focusing on the negatives and concentrate on the positives. Perhaps it’s your radiant skin or your fabulous legs. Or maybe it’s your warm smile or gorgeous curves. Appreciate what makes you, you!
  • Move away from thinking about how your body looks and focus instead on what it does for you. And, how it makes you feel. Day after day, your body keeps you alive. It gives you pleasure. It has -perhaps – even created and given life. Your body is an incredible machine for your soul.
  • Stay well clear of anything that’s negative about women’s bodies. Magazines, newspapers, women that gossip about other women’s sizes etc. And realise that nearly every single image you see of a woman is imaginary, and is either enhanced by a filter or has been photoshopped to death. Even Cindy Crawford doesn’t look like Cindy Crawford.
  • Only wear clothes that make you feel great. Stop worrying about the label size and concentrate on how an item makes you feel. If you put something on and it makes you feel good, you will instantly know.
  • Care for your body. Get some exercise. Eat more of the good stuff and less of the bad. And pamper it from time to time.

Your body is magnificent. So treat it, and you, accordingly.



Have you ever realised that when you’re feeling good about yourself, you attract more good into your life? And how your tolerance level for ‘unpleasantness’ or ‘poor treatment’ is low and healthy?

But how when you’re the other way and not being kind to yourself, you expect less from people and your standards fall. You put up with behaviour that shouldn’t be accepted, you forgive people too many times, you don’t walk away from people when you should.

People will always treat you how you allow yourself to be treated, so raise your standards and start being kind to YOU!  Only allow people to be and stay in your life who make you feel wonderful.

No ifs and no buts.

Ditch the fake friends (we’ve all come across them). Ditch the man who treats you as an option (because you should only ever be a priority). Ditch people who don’t make your days happier and brighter (we all know people who turn the air grey).

Be kind to yourself.

You are – as I said to my daughter Elsie the other night – truly precious!

And if other people don’t realise that? Then get those heels on and strut away and keep on walking my friend.

True kindness to self is always about putting your happiness and wellbeing first.


Many thanks to Weight Watchers UK for inviting me to be part of this incredible campaign, that’s so close to my heart. I would love to know what you think being #WomanKind means and what it is to you, so please do share below.

With love (and kindness!)




Disclaimer – This post was created in collaboration with Weight Watchers UK, but as always, all thoughts are my own.

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