How a feathery lampshade made me realise that I need to be more daring…


IT’S true. I’m honestly not kidding.

This weekend I had an epiphany. A light bulb moment. And it was all down to one feathery lampshade and a harmless weekend trip to B&Q.

To give you the background, my husband and I bought a house a year or so ago and it needs lots of work. It’s potential is staggering but there is much to do. We have made progress though. The kitchen and our dining / family room are now nearly complete. There was just one thing missing from the decor. Yep, we needed a lampshade.

After endlessly searching for months, we paid a trip to B&Q on Saturday and I was determined to find just the lampshade to complete our lovely room. But as I paced up and down the few aisles of lamps and shades, my heart began to sank. There were a few that ‘would do’, but nothing that was ‘the one’. And then I spotted it. A lampshade which was large enough for our room. A lampshade full of white feathers.

My husband hated it. He even laughed at the suggestion. And to be fair, I was uncertain about it too. Wouldn’t it look stupid? Wasn’t it all a bit too much?

And so I trundled back down the aisle to look at the other options again. There was a grey cylindrical one which was ok and a large yellow one that was bright and cheerful but not anything special. And that was IT.

So I sighed. And I sighed some more. This was getting to be hard work. A little voice in my head was telling me “be safe, go for the dull grey one, it’ll do!” , but my heart was saying something altogether different. I swear it was almost jumping with glee and saying “choose the feathers, go for the feather one, goddamit! You know you want too!”

And so after much umming and aahing, I picked it up. I explained to my husband – who was looking at me as if I’d lost the plot – that if it looked stupid we could always return it and so with it safely tucked under my arm, off we went to look at some wallpaper.

An hour or so later at home, it was time for the big reveal. I unwrapped the (already contentious) lampshade and set to work putting it up. I still wasn’t sure if it would work with the room, but now was a good a time as any to find out. So I stood on the dining room table and fixed it up.

And guess what? It looks brilliant. Perfect perhaps.

The feathers have injected a little more fun and personality into the room and it’s become a bit of a talking point already. The husband now loves it (I did on this occasion say I told you so!) and Elsie has affectionately named it ‘the cloud’. And every morning as she sits underneath it eating her breakfast, she looks up at it and smiles.

Some people will hate it. Others will love it. But hey, at least it will gain a reaction.

A lampshade made of feathers may sound a little bonkers yes and it’s certainly not for everyone but that’s the thing with choices isn’t it? They may not be to everyone’s liking, but when it comes to making our decisions, it’s what speaks or matters to us that counts.

The hesitation I had in buying the shade made me think this weekend though. About all the times in the past that I’ve chosen the safer option instead of listening to my gut instinct. And I’ve realised that when it comes to personal growth, in this area, I still have some work to do.

This realisation has surprised me because I am, by nature, pretty impulsive and hopefully, pretty fearless too when it comes to most things. But yet I’ve learnt over the past few days, that I’m still not as bold as I want or need to be.

I still worry about making the right decision. I’m still anxious about what other people think. And I still ignore my heart on odd occasions even though I know, that this is so not the best thing to do.

When did I get so scared of choosing?! Heck, I don’t know. But I do know this.

It’s time for me to get more daring. Because even though I’m pretty bold already, I don’t see that there’s any harm at all, in trying to be bolder still.

When it comes to being daring and thinking f**k it!, it’s time for me to show a little more courage. The irony isn’t lost on me either, that when it comes to learning about choice, that it is a lampshade (of all things!) that has shown me the light.



With love (and pouts)




Pssssst! For those that are interested, you can buy the white feather lampshade here! ;-)


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13 Discussions on
“How a feathery lampshade made me realise that I need to be more daring…”
  • Oh I love this post Katie and your lamp-gorgeous, it’s so important to follow your heart in everything you do from the life choices you make to interior design simply doing and buying what makes you happy.

    I love the home I’ve created with our new house, it is bright, full of life and light and character, it really reflects all our personalities from the ‘zen’ rooms with a mix of the old and new to the brightest kitchen you can imagine with red and yellow features and a black and white tiled floor!

    Gorgeous post, keeping being you, keep being bold (and bolder still) x

    • Following your heart is definitely the key Vicki! I just need to remember that a bit more often I think. Your new home sounds wonderful! Hope you’ll share some pics one day. x

  • I LOVE this lampshade! In fact I’ve been looking at DIY versions on pinterest but now I know about this one I really want it. I’d have all the same reservations as you if I saw it in a shop but it looks beautiful in your pic. I must have one!

    • *high fives* It really is gorgeous Steph and looks even better with the light on. (So soft, so pretty) You will LOVE it! x

      P.S They also do a smaller one for just £18!

  • Awesome post! I love the lampshade and I love the epiphany that you had in seeing, wanting and buying it. I can really relate to this as I too often go for the ‘safe’ option. Sometimes when you go for something a little more daring it just injects a bit of colour and interest into your life and why should we always be herded around to ignore our better instincts anyway? I love that your husband now loves it too – that, if anything, is the the biggest lesson here because I know my husband would be exactly the same if I ever picked up something like that! :-) #Sharewithme

    • Gosh Sam, your comment about being herded around to ignore our instincts, really struck a chord with me. When does this happen?!?! I dunno, I look at my little girl who knows exactly who she is and what she likes and I think…we were ALL like that one day. So when does it change?

      So pleased you love the lampshade too. I have to say there’s a whole lotta love going for the feathers! ;-)

  • I can so relate to this. First off, it looks AMAZING! I LOVE IT!!! But I could picture myself and Mr P doing the same thing as you had done in B&Q walking up and down not find the one and thinking to go safe and Mr P pleading to go safe but picking up something different out of my comfort zone and loving it at home. That’s what decorating is all about. Projecting personality and things that make us think outside the box. It certain was a keeper! I want one now myself! hahahaha Glad you went for it. Look forward to seeing more daring from you. hahaha Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Love your blog!!! Hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

    • Thanks Jenny! The ol’ feathery lampshade is proving to be most popular indeed! You’re absolutely right what you say about decorating too, it is ALL about projecting personality. After all, who wants to all have the same taste and the same decor?! x

      P.S I am loving your blog too, delighted to have found you and your #sharewithme linky.

  • Fab post, and a stunning lampshade! Why play it safe when you can be daring? I have a bit of a statement light fitting in my (rented) house and absolutely love it. Will definitely purchase something for keeps when we get round to buying :-)

  • That is such a great post, Katie, not just about the lampshade (it is gorgeous by the way), but about trusting your instincts and what your heart tells you, no matter what your head is saying (dull grey one, blah!). x Mel

    • Thank you. I do indeed! And I can’t tell you how much we all love it. (Even though the husband wasn’t keen ;-))

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