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EIGHT weeks into second time motherhood and I’ve already sussed out the baby products I cannot live without. Many are the same as when I had Elsie over four years ago, but others are new to the market or certainly new to me!

One of the hardest things I think, when you’re pregnant, is figuring out what’s worth spending your hard earned cash on. Let’s face it, the baby market is absolutely saturated with all kinds of products from the sublime to the ridiculous (girl glue for babies? I mean come on!) so how do you decide?

Well, hopefully, here’s where I come in with some recommendations. I’ve excluded the really obvious items like nappies, changing mat, pram, car seat and crib because of course, you’re definitely going to need these!

As for the products I am recommending, well most of them I have bought myself (with that hard earned cash) and others are items which have been kindly sent to me to try and test. (As a blogger I find myself in the very fortunate position of being sent products to try out which is something I take very seriously. To put it this way, if I wouldn’t recommend it to one of my best pals, I won’t recommend it to you!)

If you or someone you know has got a bundle of joy on the way, get ready to make some notes. Here are my top – cannot live without – baby must haves.

Muslin cloths

You can never have too many of these. Both times with my babies I have used them for so many things! As a cover for breastfeeding (if I’m feeling shy), for laying on a cold changing mat, for cleaning milky chins and even swaddling. They have so many uses, are as cheap as chips and you can get them in all kinds of lovely designs and colours.

I picked some lovely simple ones up this time round from Primark of all places for just a few pounds and was also sent a luxury lace embroidered muslin cloth with Leo’s name on (see above) from Fofolino which I absolutely loved using when he was a tiny newborn, will be using at his christening and will cherish forever. Check out their gorgeous collection if you want a really special one for your hospital bag.

Fennel tea

Bit random this one but it’s been a life saver for me! If your baby is struggling to get his / her wind up or suffers from colic or reflux, you might want to try this as it’s great for settling upset tummies.

If you’re breastfeeding, your baby can get the benefits from you drinking it. Alternatively I often give Leo small amounts via a medicine shooter (the ones you get free with child medicine) after every couple of feeds which really helps.

Sleepsuits/ bodysuits

Oh I do love a baby in a sleepsuit! Yes outfits can be beautiful but to me, babies look more like cherubic babes in arms when they’re wearing one of these.

As clothing goes, they are definitely my must have item. Buy more than you think you will need (sometimes Leo can go through 3-4 outfits a day!) and where possible, opt for quality over quantity as they’ll wash and tumble better and therefore last you much longer. Jojo Maman Bebe, JoulesMothercare, M&S and Next do the best ones.

Water wipes

Slightly more expensive than normal baby wipes but worth every penny as they’re much, much gentler on baby’s sensitive skin. I always have a pack in my changing bag and in my bedroom for night changes. (I use cotton wool and water the rest of the time when I’m at home.)

Beautiful blankets

I’m a sucker for a pretty baby blanket. Babies have the most delicate skin so you’ll want to keep them cosy in something that feels soft and lovely. (And ideally looks it too.)

I’ve still got a few from when Elsie was a baby that I’m happily using again and I absolutely adore my organic cotton honeycomb blanket from Joolz for it’s delicious mint green colour (which matches our pram and car seat a treat!) superb quality and weightiness. This is my go to blanket when I’m doing the school run or he’s a little wriggly in his sleep. (I find the weightiness helps him to settle better.)


Not everyone likes the idea of a dummy but certainly for me, when Elsie was a baby, it was a godsend! Sadly this time around, no matter how hard I try, Leo will not accept one. (I’ve tried about eight different ones!)

They’re certainly not for every parent or every baby for that matter, but I personally think it’s always worth buying a couple so you’ve got them to hand ‘just in case’.

Sleepyhead Deluxe

I was sent this to review (which I’ll be doing on here shortly) so won’t give too much away now apart from to say, you need one of these in your baby’s life!

Seriously, I haven’t been as impressed with a baby product for a long, long time. Leo loves it and so do I. Just get one.

Play gym

Babies soon ‘wake up’ from their early newborn slumber and like all of us, require some excitement and stimulation which is where the play gym comes in.

Great for getting them to hone their motor skills as well as ‘tummy time’, they’re also a safe place for your baby to rest and play while you pop the kettle on and grab yourself a hot drink.

Burp cloth

If you’ve got a sicky or refluxy baby (like I have) then one of these burp cloths from Bibetta will be perfect for you.

Super soft with a waterproof lining and with a pocket on each side to catch anything that comes back up the wrong way, they’re really easy to wash and a truly great baby product to keep at home and in your changing bag. (Your clothes will thank you for them!)

SwaddleMe Swaddle

An essential for those early newborn days. My daughter Elsie had to be swaddled for months so we could all get some sleep but with Leo I found I only needed them for the first six weeks or so.

If you find swaddling itself rather tricky, then these SwaddleMe Original Swaddles from Summer Infant will be your best friend!

They come in handy packs of three in a whole host of colours and designs and are just the easiest, quickest way to swaddle your baby without any fuss. (I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them at times!) You simply pop them in (legs straight, arms down and gently crossed), use the velcro bits to keep them firmly in place and then dada! Baby swaddled. Try them. I think you’ll love them.

Breast milk pouches

These Express & Go breast milk pouches from Tommee Tippee are just absolutely brilliant for breastfeeding mamas, allowing you to quickly express your milk and well…go!  Genius and so appreciated.

A fabulous hat

Just because all babies look ridiculously cute and beautiful in a little hat. Plus it helps to keep them cosy too. (This one is my current favourite of Leo’s. It’s a Daisy Chains & Steam Trains bespoke special which I requested via Instagram.)


As a breastfed baby, sadly Leo isn’t a fan of the bottle yet (I’m still trying!) but thankfully on a rare occasion he will begrudgingly accept a Tomme Tippee Closer To Nature bottle. Phew!

The bottle has been specially designed to ease the transition from breast to bottle and certainly for us it’s the only bottle currently that Leo will even consider accepting so make of that what you will! We’ve been using the anti-colic versions which are fantastic.

Pssst…I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding to this list as little Leo gets bigger so watch this space…


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  • YESSS! I so love babies in baby grows rather than outfits too! I think my first lived in vests and more often than not, just a nappy as she was born in a heatwave.
    Your bubba is so adorable and I’ve been loving your photos on Instagram.
    I’ve not tried fennel tea before but will keep it in mind for when the baby comes : )

    • Hurrah! Don’t they just look cuter and more baby like?! If I had my way Leo would stay in them until he’s at least 5 ;-) Thanks so much for your lovely words, he really is a sweetie and yes remember the fennel tea! Amazing stuff!

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