It’s easy to tell when Leo is teething because he turns from the happiest, most chilled little boy into a grizzly, angry and often tearful babe.

And who can blame him? Teething sure must hurt.

His sister always used to get the telltale red patch on her cheek whenever a tooth was causing her pain or bother, but interestingly Leo doesn’t. Instead he just drools and drools and drools some more and frantically crams his fingers into his mouth to try to find some comfort.

Thankfully to ease the pain, I have a small arsenal of super products at hand for the tricky teething days which really help. Some days are obviously better or worse than others, but in the main, here are the teething products that we (both) cannot live without as we wait for his teeth to come through.

Matchstick Monkey

I was kindly sent this by a PR lady just after Leo was born and I have to say this is one of the best teething products I’ve ever come across.

The matchstick monkey is colourful and rather lovely to look at as toys go, but more importantly does a brilliant job of helping to ease Leo’s evident discomfort. It’s light for him to hold (perfect for babies who start teething early as Leo has), easy to clean and has brilliant soothing bumps on the back of the monkey’s head which he loves to chew on. We wouldn’t be without it in our house.


Stronger than teething gel, a parent recommended Anbesol to me when Elsie was a baby and it’s still a firm must have. You apply the liquid with a clean finger onto your baby’s gums just like you do a teething gel and it helps to lessen the pain in seconds.

Leo hates the taste but does allow me to apply it. You can get it over the counter at your local pharmacy.


Teething Necklace

I’m a big fan of my stylish teething necklace from Mama and Belle. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried a teething necklace and personally I really like wearing it. I have this one.

It looks pretty, brightens up a casual outfit immediately and does a good job at helping Leo with his teething by providing him with some very safe and colourful soft beads for him to munch on. Plus you can pop it in your steriliser or dishwasher too to give it a good clean too.

Dribble Bibs

Total godsend if your little one drools a lot with teething. Leo can drench an outfit in minutes when he’s having a particularly rotten teething day so these bibs do a great job at helping to soak up the drool so I’m not forever changing him. My favourites so far are from Jojo Maman Bebe.


For when nothing else really helps, thank goodness for this classic sickly sweet pink sugary medicine. I never leave home without it.


UPDATED to add that the lovely team at Mama and Belle have very kindly offered to give away one of their teething necklaces or bracelets  to a lucky Pouting In Heels reader. Enter below for your chance to win and good luck!

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