My husband Jamie has recently started a new job in a different town and due to him experiencing a long commute every morning and night, it’s safe to say that we’ve begun to think about moving house.

We currently live in a detached 1920s house that has been a bit of a project, you might say! And we still have some work to do on it before we put it on the market. But the latest change in our circumstances has certainly got us thinking about putting our home up for sale and given us a push to finish off the work we so desperately need to do.

Which is why when Bairstow Eves got in touch to ask me if I would like to be involved in an exciting project about re-designing our home, I pretty much jumped at the chance when the email hit my inbox.

I decided that our dining room could definitely do with a little makeover and headed over to the estate agent’s new ‘Styled To Sell’ campaign for inspiration and to take onboard some interior style tips from a fellow blogger to help me give our room a little more oomph.

Jane from provides some fantastic tips on improving and re-designing your dining room that I found really helpful. Here’s how I put some of them in action.

First of all, I looked into incorporating some more Scandinavian influences into our room, as recommended by Jane. Over the summer we bought a new dining room table complete with Scandinavian inspired chairs, so this was something that I wanted to explore a little further.

I went out and purchased a Scandinavian magazine rack which matches our table and chairs perfectly and also does a great job at helping to clear the clutter and keep our room tidy too!

Jane talks about the importance of showcasing key pieces in your dining room and so I decided that our new table could definitely do with a new focal point. Inspired by the clarity theme that Jane talks about, I found the perfect glass flower vase at John Lewis which shows off these bright yellow roses to perfection, adding a burst of colour.

Continuing with the clarity theme I also purchased a couple more glass pieces for the room, such as this owl vase (which my daughter thinks is the best thing since sliced bread!) and a stunning Scandinavian oak base glass candle lantern, to add some interest to a little overlooked corner of the room.

Funnily enough our room is already on trend this year with our pale grey walls but in a bid to add a little more colour to the room and taking onboard Jane’s tips, I’ve added a few ‘Saffron’ coloured pieces, including cushions and a wonderful lamp that Jane bought herself!

Yep, I adored the ‘Annie table’ lamp from Jane’s post so much that I couldn’t resist getting one for my dining room too! Together with the beloved owl vase and candle lantern, it’s brightened up our little corner of the room brilliantly and ties in perfectly with our curtains and Scandinavian theme.

Finally, I do love a gallery wall and thankfully this is one style trend that Jane says is here to stay for a little while longer yet. We have so many photos of Elsie and Leo as well as holiday snaps that deserve to be displayed so I bit the bullet and ordered a new multi photo frame for some of them, to add to an existing gallery wall. It’s already making me ridiculously happy every time I see it.

I’m so, so pleased with the changes I’ve made to the dining room. It never fails to amaze me how a just a little tweak here and there or just a few new carefully considered items can make such a difference to the overall feel of a room and of course, help to boost it’s saleability factor too.

With Jane’s brilliant Styled To Sell tips, our room looks more harmonious, brighter and definitely more stylish. All things which I know will help to attract buyers when the time to move house comes.

If you’re in need of some home inspiration right now, do take a look at the brilliant Styled to Sell campaign and consider putting some of the top tips into action. What can I say other than they’re genius? (Thanks Jane!)




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  • What a fabulous room. I am so pleased my tips were helpful. That lamp is gorgeous, isn’t it? And of course I’m going to love the colour scheme – grey and fabulous splashes of bold colour.

    Great photos too!

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