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LAST Sunday I entered an incredibly bedazzling sparkly world and didn’t want to leave.

But leave I did a few hours later with two large bags crammed full of beautiful, ethic goodies!

I visited the incredible Bombay Stores, described as the UK’s largest Asian Department Store. Situated in Bradford City Centre, I’d been told great things about this shopping mecca by my mother in law, for years, but had yet to visit. So when she very kindly invited me along for the ride last weekend, naturally I just couldn’t refuse!

I am – in case of some you don’t know – a bit of a fashion magpie which basically means I love anything that sparkles. I also adore colour.

I have long been in awe of how Indian women dress, their elegant, colourful saris and bold, stunning jewellery. Hey, back in the 90s when I was a young ‘un, I even used to wear bindis on a night out! (Do you remember when they were in Vogue?!)

So, as you can imagine, I was beyond excited about visiting. And boy oh boy, let me tell you, the store did NOT disappoint. On arrival, at seeing racks and display counters packed with sensational jewellery, I’m sure I even squealed with pure joy, at some point too. Sorry Janine!

dress detail.jpgdress backearring heaven.jpggarlands

Everything I encountered just took my breath away. The colours, the sparkle, the embellishment. From incredible dresses that were like works of art to vibrant garlands, embellished shoes to the prettiest fabrics, I was totally in my element.

And to make the shopping experience even sweeter (if at all possible) everything was just such good value! £5 for a pair of incredible statement earrings?! Hell yeah, I’ll take three please. And a pair for my earring obsessed friend too!

If you haven’t been before and you are also a fellow magpie, I seriously recommend that you take a visit. Just make sure you leave yourself a good couple of hours to have a look around and that it’s near pay day. Because trust me, you will want to splurge!

necklacesearring display

And so now I imagine you’re thinking, “Come on then, what did you buy?!”. Well my lovelies, behold a few of my ‘Bombay treasures’!…

blue bagnew earrings.jpground bag.jpg

For a not at all extravagant £60 I came home with four pairs of earrings, two scarves, two handbags (one clutch, one large shopper), 2 metres of stunning fabric for my dining table (see bottom picture) some bangles for Elsie, two beautifully decorated Indian envelopes and a pretty mirrored dish that I’m going to use as a little tray for when I take off my weddings rings and jewellery at night. Not a bad shopping haul, I think you’ll agree. ;-)

When it comes to colour and sparkle, I tell you, these beautiful Indian ladies have got it sussed.

Have an amazing week everyone! See you on Wednesday!

With love and pouts,



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