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RITZ crisp & thins


I LOVE a good crisp.

In fact you could say I’m partial to them. Some like sweet stuff – chocolates, cake etc – but me? Well I’m all about the savoury.

Tucking into a bag of crisps is a real treat for me. The crunch, the salt, the deliciousness of them! (I know you know what I mean).

So I was pretty happy to hear that Ritz (the world’s number one savoury biscuit brand no less) have created a new oven-baked potato snack treat for us all to savour.

The new Ritz Crisp & Thin comes in four delicious flavours –  Cream Cheese & Onion, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, and Sweet Red Chilli – and are baked to perfection for that perfect crunch.

Tastebuds going yet?

Vibrant and a little more sophisticated than your usual potato crisp, the new Ritz Crisp & Thin promise to help our snacking moments become more like ‘putting on the Ritz’!

Aimed at crisp-loving UK consumers (oh hello there!) – and at up to just 135 calories a serving, I have a feeling they’re going to be snapped up by us savoury lovers, in a flash.

And yes, especially, (most probably), me.


With love,



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