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CRISPY duck is one of my absolute favourite dishes of all time.

(I just cannot get enough of Chinese food!)

And tea, any kind of tea, is my favourite hot drink. So what do you get when you pop the two together?

A very happy Katie, that’s what!

One of the things I really enjoy doing over the Christmas period, when I have some time off work, is trying out a couple of new dishes to feed everyone with.

And this amazing Slow Roasted Crispy Skin Assam Duck  by the fabulous Jamie Oliver is just the ticket.

He’s teamed up with tea pros, PG Tips, to create a number of smashing dishes using one of their new tea offerings and this one is my absolute dream recipe.

I’m not exaggerating when I say, just the name of it, makes my mouth water! (Why on earth did I decide to write about this at lunchtime?!)

This tasty recipe is bound to be a winner with family and friends over the festive season, when they’re all turkey’d out, but still after something meaty and delicious to get their tastebuds going and so I can’t wait to have a crack at it.

What’s more (and this is very important to me!) it looks pretty easy too.

Don’t believe me?

Then have a quick gander at this (preferably when you’re not ravenous!) and see for yourself. Oh and if you’re loving the sound of it like me, don’t forget to click through for the full video at the end!

Sounds delicious huh?

I’m thinking this will be just the dish to cook and serve up on New Year’s Eve, accompanied with plenty of sparkling fizz. Naturally. *winks*

Yes, my regular Chinese takeaway will undoubtedly miss us, but hey, when delicious oriental food looks as easy as this to cook, I’d be crazy not to have a go right?

Tea and crispy duck. A meaty win, win!


With love,






Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by PG Tips but as always, all thoughts are my own.


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