SATURDAY SIX: Six reasons to buy and wear vintage fashion

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LONG before vintage was cool, I was a massive fan of vintage clothing and accessories.

When I was a teenager my Mum gave me a diamante bracelet that a young man had given to her as a gift when she herself was in her late teens. I wore it often in my early clubbing days and even though it’s still missing a few stones here and there, I still wear it and still love it to this day.

On my wedding day I wore a vintage silver shawl that I purchased from eBay for a bargain £2 and carried a vintage beaded clutch (see pic above!). On my honeymoon I left behind and lost one of my favourite vintage belts. It was Italian leather and truly divine. I could still weep about it, if I think about it too much. So let’s quickly move on…

Basically, you get the gist! I have always incorporated vintage items into my wardrobe. Indeed, most of my favourite stylish items, are indeed old, a little worn but much, much loved.

So when I meet people who tell me that they don’t ‘do’ vintage or are too scared to buy vintage, I’m afraid I just can’t contain my shock!

Today’s post –  a one off Saturday Six – is therefore aimed at those who are yet to have fallen in love with the fashion pre-loved.

Here are six (very good ) reasons to wear vintage. And if you’re not convinced after reading this, well…I will eat my vintage hat. (Not really.)


beaded dress

Vintage items are usually cheap

Ok, let’s start with the no-brainer. Times are hard, money is tight. We’re all having to hold on to our pennies and demand more for our buck these days.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap fashion splurge, you have two choices my friends. You can either go super cheap on the high street (which is ok, granted) OR you can invest your few pounds in some extraordinary vintage item.

Most vintage items are cheap. And if they’re not cheap per se, they’re usually a hell of a lot cheaper than their modern day equivalent.

Beautiful vintage items will save you money whilst making you feel a million dollars. What’s not to adore about that?


Vintage equals better quality

This isn’t always the case, that is true. But in my experience, I would say that fabulous vintage items are usually of fantastic quality. Much better quality than the majority of high street items anyway.

In recent years, we’ve all become spoilt for choice with the huge array of cheap garments and accessories that can be found on our great British high street. But throwaway fashion hasn’t always been the order of the day.

In the 50s, 60s and even earlier, people bought less but spent much more money on the few items that they did own. They invested their money on items that they loved not frittered it on items that they never wore. Women had garments handmade to fit their bodies like well worn gloves. They also wore items passed down from older generations with pride.

In a nutshell, they made their money go further and looked a hell of a lot chicer as a result. (Don’t believe me? Just look at some old photographs and you’ll see exactly what I mean.)

All of which is amazing news for us shoppers today. Because it means, that in the main, most vintage items are well made, of a good quality and created with fabulous, durable materials.

I have a gorgeous vintage dress hanging in my wardrobe that cost me just £20. But if I had to buy that exact dress today or have it made, it would cost hundreds, such is the quality. I mean, it even has boning and corsetry fitted inside, for heavens sake. As well as intricate beading work and stunning lining.

When it comes to vintage, there’s a reason why these clothes are still wearable and totally desirable today folks.


vintage shoes

Vintage will set you apart

Most people are sheep. Especially when it comes to style. So if you’re happy being a fashion sheep, carry on as you are and I will bid you goodbye, with nothing but happy thoughts.


If you DO want to be unique, stamp your personality on your clothing and set yourself apart from the crowd, then you need to embrace vintage.

Incorporating second hand / vintage items into your wardrobe will help to set you apart. It’ll also make your outfits a damn site more interesting too.

Next time, you visit the shops, do me a favour and have a good look around. Chances are, you’ll find yourself seeing the same old items and the same old trends, over and over and over again.

From one shop to the next, these days, everything seems to look the same. And what’s even sadder, is that most people even dress the same too. Uniqueness and personality in fashion is becoming harder and harder to find.

So do the world, and you, a favour. Shake things up, inject some humour, show off your unique style and do it with a little sprinkling of vintage.

Buying vintage means that you’ll probably never come across anyone who owns the same item as you . It’ll also get you no end of compliments too.


Vintage helps the planet

The world has become a place of mass consumerism. In today’s market, we want more, more and even more. We don’t necessarily need more but boy do we want it.

Just imagine, for a second, the millions of garments that there are around the world. The millions of items that are no longer worn and used or loved.

Our consumerism is damaging our planet. And our love for fast, cheap fashion is one of the biggest impacters.

We all need to start doing more recycling and buying vintage fashion is one of the easiest and most fun ways to do this when it comes to clothing and style.

Yes, you can find gorgeous dresses in the shops or on online, but why not give those retailers a miss for a while and have a browse in vintage, second hand and charity shops instead for a change?

It make take more digging and the sizings can be a tad confusing (there’s no doubt about it, women’s figures have changed!) but you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous vintage items you will come across. And want.


Shoes and jewels

Vintage finds are like treasure

There is nothing I love more than vintage clothes shopping.  Seriously. I love a bargain, that is true. But it’s more than that.

Nothing is more exciting – shopping wise – than when I find a stunning vintage item. In fact, between you and I, I’ve even been known to squeal when I’ve uncovered some little diamond of a piece.

From a cheap, ornate vintage brooch to disco-tastic 70s heels. From a beaded 1920s clutch bag to a stunning 80s top. Every time I part with some money for a vintage item, my heart does a leap of joy.

Shopping for vintage items isn’t just shopping, it’s searching for treasure. And although admittedly there are times, when you’ll find nothing but a bit of a dirt, let me tell you, when you do find something amazing, there is NO greater shopping high.


Vintage is history

Many people who aren’t fans of vintage items, will say that they don’t like the idea of somebody else wearing a garment or owning it in the past.

But for me, it is that very history that makes a vintage item even sweeter. I love the fact that something has been worn, used and loved before. And that it’s now come my way.

I own a beautiful tiny clutch bag from around the 1920s which is covered in diamante. It is stunning. And when it catches the light it is like nothing else. But on close inspection, like with all old things, it’s a little worn in places.

The lining is a little mucky, the front is a bit grubby and the separate mirror that came with the bag has certainly seen some use. But I gotta tell you, this is what I love most of all!

When I look at the bag objectively, yes, I see flaws. But I also see a bag that has been loved and enjoyed by it’s previous owner or owners. I see a glamourous woman holding it, dancing with it, using the mirror to to apply lipstick so she can impress the man she has been dreaming of at night.

Am I am a sentimentalist? Yes. Am I a romantic? Often. But I’m also someone who is fascinated by people.

Vintage items have secret stories. And this, is what I love most of all.

They have a past. They have some soul. They’ve travelled. They’ve been loved. They’ve been lost. They’ve been found.

When you think about it, in a way, they’re very much like you and me. A bit worn and shabby round the edges at times but at the heart of it, still rather wonderful all the same.


What do you think of vintage items? Do you love them as much as me? Or would you rather walk around naked than wear something pre-owned?! As always, I’d love, love, love to hear your thoughts!

Have a wonderful weekend! x



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“SATURDAY SIX: Six reasons to buy and wear vintage fashion”
    • Yes, it’s much easier these days isn’t it Franki? x P.S There’s a great new vintage shop in Barnsley. If you’re ever in the area let me know and I’ll take you!

  • Ooh loved this post and like you, have always adored and valued vintage clothing, jewellery, antiques, books, paintings (list goes on)-the love affair started with/by my Mum who would take me to antique and vintage shops/auctions from a young age.

    I treasure the old books we discovered together when I was small, Easops Fables and Victiorian storybooks in particular (picked up next to nothing) and now my kids are enjoying them too!

    My Mum always said she never understood those who disliked second hand items because they came with history and stories gone by as you mentioned too (so special, those little treasures to be unearthed)-LOVED this post, thank you (just voted for you in the MADS too)-you are one of my ‘can’t live without blogs’ mwah x

    • Thank you Vicki! Delighted you love the post and that, like me, you adore vintage and antiques! There’s just something about the character and history isn’t there?

      Huge thank you for your lovely nomination too. I feel incredibly honoured to be one of your ‘can’t live without blogs’! x

  • Love LOVE this post – especially your points about vintage being like treasure (once found a pair of Charles Jourdan gold high heels in Oxfam for a tenner!) and love the history and uniqueness of vintage. I also find that vintage often fits really well, another bonus! Fab list honey, thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou – if I wasn’t sold on vintage before, I would be now!

    • You’re right Zaz. Vintage stuff tends to fit like a dream (my guess is that this is because it was better made).

  • Lovely post. I wore vintage crystals on my wedding day as the something old – I love the uniqueness of wearing vintage, finding something a bit different from the run of the mill outfits on the high street.


  • I love vintage but I’ve never known where to start looking for it, which is crazy as I live in London. Any tips? I would love to incorporate it into my wardrobe and look.

    • Ooh you really should Franglaise Mummy! Start by visiting a vintage shop or 2 (there will be tons in London!) or have a dig around in charity shops or on eBay too. All great places to find vintage. Would love to know how you get on and what you find. Keep me posted! :)

  • Adore this post as you know, always been a vintage fan, love the stories behind the pieces and like you mentioned, vintage makes you stand apart from everyone else. I love discovering stunning vintage pieces, in fact we must head to Oxfam Harrogate together as I’ve found gorgeous pre-loved designer frocks on their top floor there, you will love it. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday x

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