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Ridiculously simple tips to improve your writing

How to improve your writing

WRITING is one of my favourite things to do.

It’s also how I make a living, so I like to think that when it comes to stringing a sentence or two together I know what I’m doing! ;-)

Not everyone finds it easy though. It is, after all, a craft and to be honest, even the best writers are always looking at how they can improve and make their work better.

Writing is all about progression and striving for perfection. Sometimes words come easily, other times, they do not and have to be drawn out of you gently or pulled from your brain kicking and screaming. It’s true, words don’t always play ball.

As with everything, practice does makes perfect, but there are some ridiculously simple things you can do and implement in your work right away that will radically improve your writing style and make you a better communicator.

How do I know? Because I have learnt them, through my career, working a journalist and then as a marketing manager, and trust me, they work WONDERS.

Here in this short-ish vlog are my top five simple tips to improve your writing. (And I know what you’re thinking…why a vlog when you’re talking about writing?! Well, what can I say, it’s always good to shake things up and keep you lovely lot on your toes! )

I promise if you put them all into practice, you WILL see improvements. Words, they’re beautiful things aren’t they?!



Have a truly marvellous weekend folks! See you on Monday!

With love (and pouts)





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30 Discussions on
“Ridiculously simple tips to improve your writing”
  • Fab, tips Katie and great to see you in front of the camera – love, love, love those eyes!! This was an interesting post for me because I tend to write quite long blog posts – perhaps I need to rein it back a bit in future! Keeping it simple sounds easy but it’s actually a real skill to engage readers and you do it so brilliantly – thanks for sharing x

  • This is such a good vlog with truly helpful tips. I could not agree more with the editing. There isn’t anything worse than a badly edited blog post full of mistakes. Also the introduction tip is a very helpful one. I’m gonna make sure I do this on my next one. I’m not even sure I do introduce, so thanks for that one. :-) xx

    • So glad you agree with me on the editing front Franki. Nothing ruins a good blog post more than one full of mistakes! So frustrating!

      Delighted that you have found the tips useful! x

  • Brilliant tips love (I made notes and everything!) and I love you on camera! Plus, I know that you always wear makeup like that…can’t wait to hear more about the why behind the eyelashes! loads of love xxx

    • Thank you darling! As for the make up, don’t go telling everyone! ;-) You will find out all about the lashes soon, that’s a promise x

  • Okay, you’re just a natural in front of the camera! I’m building up the courage to vlog, not there yet but maybe soon…ish.

    Great tips! I whole heartedly agree with everyone. When I started by blog, my main thing was that I wanted it to sound like ‘me’.

    Heledd xx

    • Love that Heledd! So important that…I can think of another blog post coming now! ;-) When you do your vlog make sure you let me know! x

  • Fab lil Vlog lady, you look amazing in front of the camera :-) I couldn’t agree more with your tips… keeping language simple, and posts concise is what I’d tell anyone just starting out xx #allaboutyou

    • Thanks lovely lady! So kind of you to say. Amazing how the simplest things (which work best) are often overlooked when it comes to writing x

    • Thanks Melinda! Glad they helped and make sense. So simple but they DO work. x P.S The make up is rather full on but thank you for liking it!

    • Thanks Katie! Glad to hear you’re already putting them into practice. That’s brilliant! Just remember, even if you’re not getting improved numbers (yet) the tips that are using will be helping to engage people and keep them reading for longer so you’ll still be winning! ;-) x

  • Fab tips there lady-have you read Why I Write by George Orwell, an incredible (tiny) book that resonates with me so much-I love playing with language (Winston Churchill learnt a new word a day and my former English lecturer mother always instilled that in us-to read widely and expand our vocab-must do better!)…Honing my voice is key to me and happens the more I write/ with every draft (as a screenwriter and blogger, I find real joy in jumping across genres too be it drama, comedy to blogging/ journalism).

    Blogging is a beautiful thing, it’s basically a column, your voice, your rules, your point of view.

    Loved the intro tip, that’s what reels in the reader.

    Fab vlog, you look absolutely stunning (love your make up) and can’t wait to see the shoot pictures. Hugs x

  • This is excellent advice! Especially tip 3, as my posts tend to be long and I’m sure I sometimes waffle. I love the eye make up by the way!!

  • I couldn’t agree with you more regarding editing. You’re right – we are all human, and the occasional mistake is almost inevitable. I find articles or posts which are littered with spelling and grammatical errors so distracting. Appropriate punctuation is like having well-positioned road signs on a road. Without them, and you end up driving straight over a roundabout, because you never saw it coming. Ok, weird analogy, but hope you get the drift. Anyway, great tips for those who are struggling with crafting the written word. Love hearing your accent too – I used to live in Lancaster and miss my Lancashire chums x

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