It’s hard to believe my little girl is five.

But so she is. Which is why back in July we celebrated her turning this grand ol’ age with a birthday party at our local Wacky Warehouse.

Wacky Warehouse, for those of you who may not be familiar, is a soft play haven and birthday party venue for little ones. A place where they can climb, roll, jump and slide to their little hearts content. And whilst admittedly most parents I know dread soft play places, let’s be honest the kids absolutely love ’em! Especially when there’s a birthday party to be had too.

Wacky Warehouse very kindly asked us to review their birthday party offering with Elsie’s help and so we were very fortunate to experience the best party package they had to offer, AKA the Ultimate Party Package! For this, Elsie and her closest chums received the following:

  • An hour’s play on the equipment
  • A premium buffet (which looked great as kids’ food goes)
  • Premium party bags (which we added to with sweets and balloons)
  • A visit from a Wacky mascot
  • Face painting
  • Popcorn
  • A dedicated party house to help with games and serving food
  • Invites
  • Free play vouchers

(Rather brilliantly, us adults were also catered for too with a ‘parent platter’ of food which was gratefully received by all the hungry parents in attendance and demolished in a flash.)

This package normally costs £12.50 a head and even though it may seem a little pricey, on reflection and after experiencing Elsie’s birthday party, I actually think it’s really good value for money.

Why? Because everything – and I do mean everything – is taken care of! I literally turned up with a few additional goodies for the party bags and a birthday cake and that was all I needed to worry about. (I should probably mention here that you also receive a cake with this package too but a mix up meant that we didn’t get one on the day. Fortunately I’d brought Elsie a special unicorn cake anyway so all was well.)

The kids had a whale of a time playing in the soft play area, which gave the adults a chance to grab a hot drink as they all let off some steam and the face painting was also a really lovely idea and taken up by most of the kids including Elsie.

Lots of thoughtful gestures by the Wacky Warehouse team went into Elsie’s party too which really impressed me. She was given a special chair to sit on, her name was put on the ‘board’ in the party area and the staff had even popped some surprise birthday girl balloons on her ‘throne’ too. All little things yes, but they went a long way to ensuring that she felt very special on her special day and as her mum I’m incredibly grateful for that.

The kids’ buffet was great and there was plenty of it to go around too. (Always important!) Think hot dogs, chips, pizza, chicken nuggets and sandwiches as well as pots of ice cream and popcorn to nibble on. And as I’ve just mentioned, the adults food went down a storm. Definitely something I’d think of including at any party from now on as everyone tucked in merrily.

After food and some party games, the kids went off to have a final climb about in the soft play area before coming back to do some activities with the Wacky Warehouse mascot. As mascots go, the kids loved him and giggled along non stop to his dance moves and games.

All in all, Elsie and her friends had an amazing time at Wacky Warehouse. And as a parent – as much as I’d be lying if I said I was a personal fan of any soft play place (!) – I’d certainly happily look into booking another party with them in the future as I left with absolutely no complaints (bar the cake mix up which wasn’t really a problem) and one very happy little girl.

Huge thanks to the team at Walnut Tree Wacky Warehouse in Wakefield for doing such a great job for us and making Elsie feel like a million bucks. Here’s a little video to give you more of a taste of Elsie’s birthday party action.

(Many thanks also to Elsie’s friends and parents who all kindly gave their permission to be filmed and just by being there helped to make her party such a success. x)


Wacky Warehouse are very kindly offering Pouting In Heels readers a whopping 25% discount on any Wacky Warehouse parties booked before 31 December 2017. (Which considering how much birthday parties cost is one hell of a saving!)

To book a party, simply go into your local Wacky Warehouse when booking and get them to scan this code! (Please note you can NOT do this online.) Enjoy! x



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  • Love these photos Kate! It looks like elsie had a wonderful time and I think that’s pretty decent for £12.50 a head to be honest with you, if we had one near us I’d definitely consider it for Lily (and I think I had one myself back in the day, such fond memories!) x

    • Thanks so much Lucy! It really was fab and like you, I think it’s good value for money. Such a shame you don’t have one nearer (perhaps one day?) and I’m actually a bit gutted I didn’t get to experience one for myself as a child back in the day. Bet yours was wonderful! x

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