Just over a week ago I took Elsie and her best school pal (and Mum) into Sheffield to see this year’s Disney On Ice show, Passport To Adventure.

For the third year running, we were kindly invited to watch the show and on a suitably frosty and chilly Saturday morning when most people were still tucking into their breakfast, we were heading down the M1 for some Disney magic.

Whereas last year’s show concentrated on just one famous Disney story, Frozen, this year’s was a little bit different. As well as Frozen, we were taken on a trip around the world and also watched performances from The Lion King, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid.

As you’d expect from a Disney On Ice show there was incredible skating (and certainly more impressive lifts this year I noticed!) wonderful special effects such as ‘snow’ and ‘bubbles’ which came down across the rink and lots of recognisable songs and music.

However sadly this year for the first time, as a parent, I left feeling slightly disappointed. The first half which featured The Lion King and Peter Pan felt really lacklustre in places and I personally felt that the Peter Pan segment was just too long for young children, many of which I doubt would even know much or indeed anything at all about the story.

Thankfully the second half was great and made up for the beginning as both The Little Mermaid and Frozen segments were truly lovely. I loved The Little Mermaid part of the show and the girls naturally loved the Frozen part, although I can’t help thinking that three years of shows featuring Frozen is a bit overkill now. I know it’s such a popular film and story but I for one would love them to ditch Frozen next year and showcase something else, like Moana perhaps or Beauty And The Beast.

Overall the show was really enjoyable, we had a great time and the girls loved it which is the main thing. (I mean just look at their faces!) Elsie spent most of the second half stood on her feet dancing and singing and watching her joy really was wonderful. Disney magic at it’s best.

Sadly Disney On Ice Passport To Adventure didn’t turn out to be the best Disney On Ice show we’ve seen but if your little one adores Disney and you can afford tickets (which admittedly are rather pricey), I’d say it’s still just about worth a watch for the second half alone.

Many thanks to Disney On Ice and Sheffield Arena for having us. x

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