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I’m about to tell you all about a ‘supa’ stroller.

But before I do, it’s time to ‘fess up and admit that although I am now a pretty seasoned mama of two, it’s taken me five years of parenting to actually use a stroller.

Yes really. I kid you not.

When Elsie was little we had one all singing, all dancing conventional travel system from birth and well, let’s just say she didn’t really enjoy sitting in it for too long. Elsie hated being confined to her seat so way before the age of three, we’d well and truly ditched any form of kiddie transport. Our pushchair served us well but it also meant that I never got to grips with buying a collapsable stroller as we just never had the need for one.

But times change and now with baby number two, we found ourselves in desperate need of a stroller to enable us to take Leo on his first holiday abroad. I had no clue of what I needed besides the fact it needed to collapse small enough for the plane, but thankfully the good people at Cosatto (a brand I love and have been fortunate enough to work with a number of times previously) came to my rescue! They’re a wonderful bunch.

The team kindly offered to send me one of their favourite strollers in one of their new Autumn / Winter 2017 prints and after browsing a few products, I opted for this Supa stroller in the new Dragon Kingdom print.

The stroller has been – and I do not say this lightly – an utter godsend. It enabled us to take little Leo and jet off to a scorching hot Mallorca at the end of July, where we used it non stop. In the airport, around the villa, at the table, on our daily travels and even across the beach.

In fact, we loved using it so much on holiday, that we’ve continued to use it over the past few months since we’ve been back at home.

It’s ‘supa’ easy. It’s ‘supa’ practical. It’s ‘supa’ stylish. So let me tell you some more.


  • Age group: Suitable from birth upwards
  • Chassis: Aluminium
  • Seat facing: Forward
  • Four recline options including newborn recline position
  • Five point harness system
  • Raincover and footmuff (four way cosy toes) included



I loved this stroller on first sight, as soon as it was out of the box. The design was much more colourful than I had envisaged and once I’d got the hang of it, the Supa was effortless to put up and collapse. I was also really impressed with all the additional thoughtful extras (more of these in a moment.)

I was, I admit, skeptical about the recline positions and a little worried that Leo might be a bit young for it (he was only six months old on holiday) but after popping him in it for a quick whizz around the house, it was soon apparent that I had nothing to worry about for he seemed as happy as Larry.


We’ve been putting this stroller through it’s paces for over three months now and I’m still really impressed with how simple it is to use and how fantastic it looks.

It’s very easy to put up and collapse, taking seconds and Leo enjoys being sat in the Supa even though it’s forward facing and he’s used to his other pushchair being rear facing. Personally as a mum I prefer Leo to be facing me at this age, but I know that as he gets older and more independent, he’ll end up forward facing anyway and it’s important to mention that it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. (There’s also a little ‘peepo’ window in the hood so you can check on your little one easily.)

The four recline positions are great and will be used more as Leo gets older and the one handed recline makes it an absolute doddle, to change from one position to another easily. It’s ideal for when your little one has fallen asleep and you want to make things a little comfier for them by lying them flatter.

The brake is simple to apply and take off and the Supa is great to steer too, managing different surfaces (including sand!) with relative ease. It’s lovely and lightweight which is great if you struggle heaving heavier pushchairs around or occasionally suffer from a bad back like me and when collapsed, it’s auto freestanding which is just brilliant!

The Supa is also really compact so doesn’t take up much room in the boot of my car, in comparison to my Cosatto WOW travel system for example which is much bigger.  So if you’re looking for something small and compact, this may well be the stroller for you.

The Supa comes with lots of thoughtful little extras, which have really impressed me. These include a drink holder (perfect if you’re a mama who loves strolling around with a nice coffee!), adjustable handles, an extended UPF50+ hood (which was fantastic for holiday use in the sun) a built in speaker and gadget display pocket (I haven’t used this yet but can imagine it might come in handy!), rain cover and four way cosy toes cover to keep your little one snug as a bug when it gets a little chilly.

As for the design, well we all love it! It’s bright, colourful and fun, exactly what you’d expect from Cosatto and I love the ‘brave and true’ message too.

All in all the ‘Supa’ is a cracking umbrella fold stroller and one I am really enjoying using on a regular basis.


The basket is a lot smaller than what I had expected so you can’t really get much in it – something to think about if you’re out shopping somewhere or can be easily rectified with a buggy bag clip  – however I am used to a larger basket on a pushchair so this might be why it came as quite a shock to me.

And personally speaking I’m not a fan of the foam handles that come with the Supa, however I should add here that my husband absolutely loves them, so you know horses for coarses and all that jazz.


I really love our Supa stroller, which is something I didn’t expect after getting used to our wonderful, all singing, all dancing travel system. It’s a brilliant stroller which is incredibly easy to use and looks wonderful plus the thoughtful extras are genius and much appreciated!

There are a few things here and there which I think could be improved a little (like the size of the basket for instance) but overall it’s been a godsend product for me.

Would I recommend it to you? Absolutely! It’s a fantastic product that does a great job and comes at a really reasonable price. ‘Supa’ indeed.

The Supa comes in a range of designs and retails at £219.95.


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