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The thought alone is enough to make me wince just a little. Not because I don’t love ’em or because I don’t want to see them tuck in heartily and enjoy delicious food like the rest of us. But because of the mess!

It never fails to astound me how much food can end up on the floor, the walls, on us and them when our wee cherubs eat. In fact it often seems miraculous than any food ends up in their teeny tiny tummies at all doesn’t it?! Which is why when it comes to highchairs, you really need to have a good one that is super – and I mean super – easy to clean. Trust me, if you have a little one in your house or are set to have a bundle of joy arrive soon, you will end up cleaning this particular baby / toddler item a lot. Like at least three times. Every single day. (I’ll leave that thought with you for now!)

When Leo was about six months old I was very kindly sent the Cosatto 3Sixti2 highchair in the new ‘Superfoods’ print from the lovely team to use and review. As highchairs go, well it’s a cracker and I’m saying that with utter confidence because it sure has been put through it’s paces over the past six months.

When it comes to me reviewing baby stuff that costs a pretty penny, I always think it’s really important that I put any product thoroughly through it’s paces before I hop on here and talk about it. So here then, after much use, are my thoughts on the Cosatto 3Sixti2.


The highchair was much easier than I thought to put together (it took about 30 minutes or so from what I remember) and when assembled just looked really, really great. I immediately loved how bright and contemporary it looked and the quirky, bold ‘Superfoods’ design just made me smile. (And still does!) Fun and bright, it was exactly the kind of highchair I was after for little Leo.


Ok, the first thing you need to know, besides the fact that it looks great, is that this is a highchair which is super easy to clean! Big thumbs up for that. (And yes I know that sounds like a given, but you’d be amazed at how many highchairs prove tricky in this area.) It’s just a doddle to clean and even though most of the highchair is white,  six months on and many a meal later, ours still looks almost brand new.

The padded seat is quick to clean with a simple wipe down and can be easily removed too for more thorough cleaning and there’s even a brightly coloured food tray which pops off in an instant too which lets you give it a thorough clean for when mealtimes get extra messy. If you’re doing baby led weaning like I am or are planning to, well this is a godsend to be honest. (My sister who is older than me and a mum to three kids, thought this was genius too.)

So what else? Well to make sure your little one is snug and secure, the 3Sixti2 has a five point harness and seat pommel to keep them in their place which is especially important when they’re so little and you’re just beginning your weaning journey. The last thing you want is a baby being able to wiggle about and this chair does a great job at ensuring that this can’t happen. Leo doesn’t wear his harness now as he’s bigger and used to sitting in his seat but when he was six months old or so, it was very much needed and always made me feel so much better knowing that he was safely strapped in.

The 3sixti2 is a highchair which provides you with dining options and this is why I think I love it so much. Your little one can dine high or low, you just use the smooth gas lift to change positions and – this is my favourite thing of all – it even has a six position 360 degree swivel, which allows you to turn your baby around and do ‘up to the table’ feeding. We have an open plan kitchen and dining room in our house and this has been so brilliant for us, as when I’m cooking, I can pop Leo safely in his highchair with a few snacks or a toy to keep him entertained, turn him round so he can see me (and I can see him) and then crack on getting dinner ready.

Finally, the highchair has three recline seat options too so when your little one has finished their meal but the rest of the family are still going, you can pop the seat back to make them a little comfier whilst still allowing them to be with you. Brilliant.


It’s almost impossible for me to find anything remotely negative about the Cosatto 3Sixti2 as it does such a brilliant job however I did find that it took me a little while to get used to maneuvering the highchair around. The highchair does have a roller under it’s base to help you move it around easily, but I find that sometimes if I don’t quite get it ‘right’, it can feel a bit cumbersome and heavy to move. However this is only a minor niggle and to be fair is probably more down to my clumsy efforts (!) than poor design on their part.

Also I cannot ignore the fact, that as highchairs go, it is expensive. Sadly this chair is not as cheap as most on the market, but what I would say is that if you do have a little extra money to spend on a highchair, well then this one is well worth considering.

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The Cosatto 3Sixti2 highchair is much loved in our house for all the above reasons I’ve mentioned. For me and my husband, it’s a baby product which does a great job. It’s super easy to clean, looks fantastic and has lots of features which help to make our lives as busy parents just that little bit easier.

But more importantly, Leo loves it too! He rarely cries or whinges when he’s sat in it and will happily sit there for quite some time, like if we’re all tucking into a big Sunday roast for example. It keeps him safe, it keeps him happy and even though at the moment most of his food ends up on the floor (!), mealtimes are relatively easy and stress free. So expensive it may be, but let’s face it, when you think about it like that, really it’s worth every single penny.

Many thanks to Cosatto who kindly gifted Leo his highchair in exchange for this review. All opinions and words, as always, are my own. 

The 3Sixti2 comes in a range of designs and retails at £199.95.


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