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As babies’ toys go, I think this range of sensory toys from BKids might actually be some of the best I’ve ever come across. Certainly they’re the most colourful, appealing and contemporary ones I’ve discovered of late since having Leo.

Leo was kindly sent a huge bundle of toys from Bkids to play with but for the purpose of this review I was asked to concentrate on the sensory ones, so here we go…

We were sent three sensory toys – the Sensory Discovery Robot, the Switch and Swap Turtle and the Textured Multi Ball Set and have been putting them through their paces for a good few months.

Leo is now seven months old so literally everything he sees and can get his gorgeous little hands on, goes straight into his mouth! So I’ve found that these toys have been and continue to be absolutely perfect for him currently as they’re all so incredibly tactile and perfect for exploration.

The designs are unisex (hoorah!), fun and simple and Leo quite frankly, adores them. Whilst as a mum, I’ve been really impressed with both the quality and the contemporary designs.

The Sensory Discovery Robot is my personal favourite. Incredibly well made, it’s perfect for little hands and is super cute! It does all sorts this baby toy and is definitely the one out of the three that we received, that I feel Leo will get the most play from as he gets older.

It lights up, it plays music and even the robot’s face changes! (Told you it was cute.) This toy is recommended for babies aged 6 months plus and I think that’s about right because although Leo enjoys playing with it currently, he’s slightly too young yet to get to grips with it properly.

Onto Leo’s favourite and it definitely has to be the Textured Multi Ball Set! He loves these colourful balls that come in different textures and will happily play with them for a considerable length of time (well in baby world anyway!). Naturally he really enjoys putting them in his mouth but they’re also really good at encouraging his fine motor skills and getting him to reach for them and pick them up.

Because the balls are made from plastic, they’re also incredibly easy to keep clean too, which let’s face it, is a must when they’ve chewed on by a dribbling teething baby.

Finally, the Switch and Swap Turtle is also really rather lovely. The turtle comes with four sensory balls and the idea is that babies can take the balls out and move them around into the four different spaces. At the moment I’d say Leo is still slightly too young to get the full play benefits out of this toy, but he loves the balls (naturally!) and I think it’s going to be brilliant for him when he gets a little older.

All in all, I think these toys are pretty damn super. They’re of an excellent quality, the designs are contemporary and well thought out for a baby’s needs, they’re easy to clean and store away and look fantastic. Plus -and this is a massive plus in my eyes – they’re really reasonably priced too with prices ranging from just £9.99 upwards.

But really the proof in the pudding as they say, is that Leo loves them. I mean just look at that face!

He has many baby toys at home, a basketful in fact and yet most of them he won’t entertain for more than a second or two. But these toys are continually used in our house, are great at keeping him entertained and are seemingly very much loved.

Well done and thank you BKids. You get a big thumbs up from me.


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