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ONE of the most wonderful things about being a mum to a baby girl, is the opportunity to dress her up in all manner of pretty things.

And I make absolutely no apologies for this. I love pretty things and I love my little girl, so it goes without saying that I want her to look wonderful.

In a few years, if she wants to hang out in scruffy jeans and well-worn t-shirts all the time, so be it. I’ll be perfectly happy with that too. But for the moment, I’m making full use of my mummy rights and popping her in gorgeous dresses, whenever I can!

Dresses such as this divine little ‘Twit-A-Woo’ dress from independent online retailer, The Princess & The Frock.

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The Princess & The Frock has fast become one of my favourite childrenswear finds and I’ll tell you why.

Offering luxury dresses for young girls aged between 0 and 6 years, firstly, every single item in the collection is lovingly handmade in the UK.

The fabrics used are stunning (I mean, just like at that owl print!) and the dresses are fully lined. They are also, just oh so fabulously pretty. But pretty in a timeless, simple way.

There are no over-the-top embellishments here, just gorgeous dresses that allow gorgeous girls to shine. Which is the very reason why I’m awarding this brand, my ‘Pout Of Approval’.

patf6patf4The dresses are cleverly designed too. Elsie’s dress features a large single button on each shoulder allowing for easy dressing, which let me tell you, is an absolute godsend when it comes to getting her dressed in the morning. I just pop it on over her head, do up the buttons and we’re good to go.

And now for the genius bit. Once Elsie has grown out of it, the style and shape of the frock means that she’ll be able to wear it as a tunic top when she’s a little older, even perhaps with those said scruffy jeans.

The Princess & The Frock. Beautiful handmade dresses fit, not just for a princess, but for every wonderful little girl.

Till the next time, know that good frocks always rock!






READER OFFER!: The Princess & The Frock is very kindly offering all Pouting In Heels readers a 10% discount on all dresses plus FREE recorded delivery. To take advantage of this lovely offer, simply email: claire@theprincessandthefrock.com with details of which dress/dresses you’d like to purchase, quoting ‘Pout Of Approval’. Thank you Claire! x

Disclaimer – This dress was kindly sent as a gift for Elsie, but as always it has only been featured because I / we love it so much. (I mean, just check out Elsie’s face on that last picture, how happy does she look?!) 

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