THERE’S so much to love about Christmas…

But in my opinion, the best bit of all. The thing I most love (besides the booze and presents that is) is the Christmas tree.

And to be more specific, putting up and decorating our Christmas tree.

Since being a wee nipper, nothing makes me feel more festive than battling with some branches, dangling some lights and getting tangled in some tinsel.

Sure it’s tricky, sure it can take ages but when it’s finished and I step back, I just know that Christmas has arrived.

Last year in our house, I was chuffed to bits when I realised that Elsie had begun to appreciate the Christmas tree magic too and so, this year, and another year older, I am very, very excited about decorating our tree with my little helper.

And to make it even more exciting?

I’ve got a new one. (Tree that is, not daughter. I could never replace my cherub.)

Yep, the very kind people at Riverside Garden Centre have kindly gifted me and my family the most stunning tree. And even though I know it is still too early to put it up (nearly there folks, nearly there!) I just had to share it because it’s really rather lovely.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.55.23

Covered in ‘snow’, this  6ft Medium Noble White Pine Christmas Tree is a rather large and damn well magnificent tree, and although it will probably involve some serious furniture manouvering to get it into place, I tell you, it’s going to look incredible!

I’ve got boxes of baubles – including the most amazing vintage collection that my mother in law kindly bought me last year – all ready to be unpacked, have treated it to some new tinsel ( a tree isn’t a tree without tinsel right?!) and now just need to buy it some new fairy lights.

And then, come early December, this beautiful bad boy of a tree is going up.

I’m so excited, I may even crack open the sherry in its honour…

(And yep naturally, I will be sharing some snaps of it all dressed up and ready to party, very, very soon.)


Need a new Christmas tree? Shop with Riverside Garden Centre and get 5% off using XMAS2015!

What tree are you plumping for this year? And how the devil are you going to decorate it?! Would love to know and see some snaps!


With love,



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