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I can still vividly remember counting all the Easter eggs I received as a child on Easter Sunday.

Counting them, smacking my eager lips in mouth watering anticipation and admiring all their shiny, chocolate-y prettiness. It was like utter heaven to me and I would always, always leave the best to enjoy last. Anyone else do that or just me?!

I love Easter.

Probably because of all those delicious eggs and the normally sunny spring weather to boot but also I guess because I was brought up as a practising Catholic (you can take the girl out of Catholicism but not Catholicism out of the girl!)

And even though it’s very rare when I go to church these days, I still really enjoy Easter and now with Elsie and little Leo around, well I guess you could say it’s become a rather special time for us as a family. A time to have fun, enjoy hanging out together and yep, scoffing our faces too.

So just in case you’re struggling for ideas on what to do over Easter, I thought I’d share with you some of the ways I intend on celebrating the four day break which, you never know, might just come in handy.

Good Friday

I plan on starting the day with warm, buttered hot cross buns for breakfast and finishing it with fish and chips, from the best local chippy.

Admittedly I’m not the ‘craftiest’ of mums when it comes to making stuff, but this year I’m going to let Elsie loose on an Easter bonnet and if time allows, well we may just go wild and paint some hard boiled eggs too. Egg-citing stuff huh? (Sorry).



In preparation for the big day (Easter Sunday) Elsie and I will be getting busy in the kitchen this year, making some suitable puddings for a big dinner. But not before we’ve popped into town first to pick up plenty of bunches of daffs and tulips from the flower market. (If nothing else Easter gives me the perfect excuse to fill my house with flowers that cost just a few quid.)

Back to the kitchen and a few years ago I attempted this incredible Creme Egg Cheesecake created by the very talented Sarah at Taming Twins and it went down such a treat on the day that I’ve decided to make it again, with Elsie’s help. I hate to think of the calories (!) but I tell you this is the king of Easter puds and much easier to make than it looks. (Honestly if I can do it, anyone can.) And as appearances go, it’s a bit of a showstopper too.

We’ll also be having a go at making an Easter cake (because well, why the hell not?!) and I’m looking forward to watching Elsie decorate it with these lovely little Easter cocktail sticks and chocolate eggs that were kindly sent to us as part of a special Easter package from new-to-the-UK Dutch brand HEMA. (Do check out their website which is full of lovely yet oh so reasonably priced stuff!)

And then, when Elsie is tucked up in bed, I’ll be doing my usual yearly thing of setting up her egg hunt for the morning. (Little Leo will have to wait another year or two yet for his however I’m sure the Easter bunny will bring him something.)


Easter Sunday

We’ll no doubt be up at the crack of dawn with a very excited Elsie, watching her scamp about the house and garden to find and collect her eggs. Breakfast will undoubtedly be chocolate for Elsie (I know! But what can you do?!) and big bacon sarnies for us.

We’ll then spend the rest of the day celebrating with my family over a big Easter Sunday roast dinner and keep our fingers crossed that our puddings go down a treat.


Easter Monday

Will be spent visiting the in-laws for more Easter fun and then finishing the day relaxing by watching a film together. (Thank goodness for Netflix!) We’ll no doubt embrace pure gluttony and feast on more chocolate throughout the day before eventually getting sick of the sight of the stuff and swearing never to eat so much of it again. (Until next year.)

Ah Easter. Puts a little spring in your step doesn’t it?

What Easter traditions do you have? How will your be spending your time with your family this year?


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