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I no longer like or can drink white wine.

If you stood in front of me with an expensive glass of white plonk now and wafted it right under my nose, I would refuse it and quite possibly even turn my nose up in disgust. This, my friends, has been a revelation.

I’ve drank, loved and enjoyed white wine – always my preferred tipple of choice – for over two decades. And yet, since Leo’s arrival, just the thought of drinking a single solitary drop is enough to turn my now seemingly sensitive stomach.

Yep, there’s no doubt about it. I have changed.

And it’s not just the white wine. A lover of selfies for as long as social media has been around, I no longer have the urge to take as many photos of my face like I once did and am actually quite embarrassed that I once took so many. Sure I take an occasional one still when needs must, (I did one recently as I needed a new profile pic) but the urge to take them all of the time has well and truly left the building and I’m glad. Some would say it was about time and I would say they are right.

My relationships with others have changed too. Some have crumbled a bit, others are on the brink of possible extinction whilst a few are only just beginning. But noticeably I no longer feel the desire to keep on trying with people who don’t return my efforts or find myself hanging on for dear life to relationships which have obviously outgrown their course.

I’m a calmer Kate. Generally happier. And, hopefully, more positive too. Motherhood has changed me, all over again, and in utter seriousness, I’m astonished at just quite how much.

Unlike when I first became a mum, I never expected to change because of a second baby. Not on your nelly. Or should that be belly? And yet somehow this has been the case.

Even my style has changed. I look in my wardrobe currently and hate pretty much most of what hangs there, even though I used to adore them. I’ve fallen out of love with fussy pieces or low quality stuff and am craving sharper lines, simplicity, a little more class and a bit more pizazz.

I like myself a lot more too. Even with the additional stretch marks, wobbly tummy and extra weight. I think it’s what they call growing up.

So one way friendships. Forced conversations. Exhausting relationships. Short cuts to success. Cheap shoes. White wine. I’m done with them all and it’s all thanks to my baby boy.

Little Leo has encouraged, inspired me even, to become more of an adult.

His beautiful presence has made me re-evaluate life and particularly my behaviour. His magic has made me rediscover my own. His luminosity has highlighted the darkness in others. His needs have forced me to pick how I spend my time and use it, much more wisely.

Dare I say it, but becoming a mum to not one, but now two marvellous little people, has somehow forced me to dig deeper, look at the bigger picture and ultimately step up my own game.

Motherhood has changed me yet again. And I’m really, really grateful.






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  • I’ve grown out of wine too, is like to say it was just my two children but in fact my microscope came about in a different way. The impact on my children though will reverberate for years. I’ve given up all alcohol. I’m not an alcoholic but I don’t like who I am when I drink. I become sweary, crass and drinking exacerbates my migraines. Basically I’m not authentic when I drink even a little bit of plonk. I’m not myself. I had to take a good long look at myself and ask a question. ‘Is this how I want my children to see me’? The answer of course was no. Since my decision to cease drinking my anxiety has all but disappeared and I am so much calmer. Yes, I’ve grown up. I no longer need a confidence boost to get going and trust my gut instincts much more. Some friendships are not worth preserving and have had their time. Great post Katie and cheers (with an elderflower presse) to you and your beautiful family 💋 xx

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