I’d never met one person who liked packing a suitcase to go on holiday.

That was until today, when my five year old daughter Elsie was the happiest little girl in the world as she packed her new Minnie Mouse suitcase by Samsonite, to take on holiday with her.

So much does she love her new case, that she even chose it over – wait for it – her beloved Trunki. (Sorry faithful Trunki!)

And to be fair who can blame her? Just look at it! Truth be told, I’m rather a little bit in love with it too and I’m a grown woman. I mean, what little girl wouldn’t love such a gorgeous case? Especially as it has a beautiful 3D face of Minnie Mouse on the front and a huge bow!

The suitcase which is part of the Disney Ultimate collection is really well made, no flimsiness here! The quality is superb and also, rather brilliantly seeing as it’s a child’s suitcase, it’s also incredibly light. And as you’d expect it also has a pull bar and two wheels for ease of travel too.

It’s also astonishingly a bit like a tardis! When Elsie said she wanted to take her new case on holiday, I thought we may manage to get a few toys in for her and perhaps a dress or two too. But oh was I wrong.

Because bar her toiletries which are travelling along in my case, we’ve got all of her clothes for a week’s holiday in the sun all packed away in it as well as a selection of toys and books. Plus as it’s child size, we can also take it onto the flight as hand luggage which is fantastic.

The interior is lined with a lovely Minnie print and also features an ID tag and mesh pocket which comes in really handy too.

If your little one is a fan of Minnie Mouse too and you’re looking for a new suitcase, you’ll be hard pushed to find a lovelier one. The case can be purchased online on the Samsonite website and costs £89.

I cannot wait to see her face when she’s wheeling it around the airport soon.

Disclaimer – This product was kindly sent for Elsie in return for this review. As always all opinions and words are my own.




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