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FRIDAY FIVE: A few beauty tips

beauty tips

AT 34 years of age, it’s safe to say I’ve picked up a few beauty tips along the years.

Some of them from pros, some of them I’ve just figured out myself through many a trial and error.

Here are five of my favourites. Beauty tips that I have lived and (oh my goodness) learned! I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to.



You can never have or wear enough mascara

Ok, let’s deal with the first half of the statement first. Somehow the other month I found myself with one measly mascara in my house. To be fair it was a good ‘un but still, the fact I had only one was putting me in dangerous territory.

And so it was, that when Elsie decided to hide my mascara the other week, I had no option but to leave the house with sad, lonely, mascara-less eyes, for the first time in two decades.

Trust me, you never want this to happen to you so always make sure you have a back up mascara, because you just never know when you might need it.

Next. It’s true. I don’t think you can ever wear enough of the black, sooty stuff.

Years ago I used to sweep one measly coat of mascara through my lashes and wonder why they still looked rather pitiful in comparison to everyone else’s. Was I doing it wrong? Was my mascara crap? Well no, it seems I just wasn’t putting enough on.

The key to fabulous lashes is numerous coats of the stuff. A bit like a glass of wine, one is just never enough.

Think of your first coat as your underwear. It’s essential and it’s job is to add structure and hold things up. Your second coat  is a bit like your clothing, now you’ve got the structure right, it’s time to get those lashes dressed. And finally, your third coat is your accessory time. The opportunity to up the ante and style those peepers up!

Your eyes are the windows to your soul so frame them appropriately.



Shellac could change your life

You might think I am exaggerating but let me put you straight. I’m not. My first Shellac manicure has changed my life.

As a mother to a demanding toddler and a busy freelancer, my spare time is precious. There’s SO much more that I’d rather be doing than sat spending hours painting my nails…only for them to chip just a few hours after. Oh the frustration!

I’m a professional woman who likes to look her best so this torture is one I’ve endured for years. Just so I can have pretty-ish hands. But let me tell, it’s one I won’t be putting up with any longer. No siree.

Last week – in a bid to cheer myself up – I went (on the advice of my sister) and got myself a Shellac manicure. And oh lord. I am addicted. Eleven days on, my nails are still immaculate, still chip free and still super shiny.

All of a sudden I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and every time I look at my super groomed hands I just want to squeal. Is it vain? Yup, probably. But you show me a woman who doesn’t feel better after a manicure and I’ll eat my foot (or something).

My Shellac nails make me deliriously happy plus the manicure has given me some much needed spare time back. Which, in my little black book, is worth every single penny.



Ditch the lipgloss for lippy

It’s sad but true that my long love affair with lipgloss has ended. But in hindsight, I can now look back and see – like with all of my old failed romances – that it was never going to endure.

Yes, glossy lips are sexy and look amazing. But the gloss soon wears off and all you’re left with is slightly sticky lips. And let’s not even go there when it comes to glossed lips, windy days and windswept hair!

Over the past year I have fallen out of love with lipgloss and back in love with lipstick and like all brilliant relationships, it has yet to disappoint.

Lipstick is quick to apply but yet delivers maximum impact. It makes you feel groomed in mere seconds. It adds colour to safe outfits. It’s elegant and screams confidence.

Painted lips look gorgeous. They can be fun, sexy, bold, serious or subtle. But they are always fabulous. And if you’re yet to be convinced, just you watch a stylish woman apply her lippy and behold the transformation.

Trust me, you’ll be digging out your compact mirror and dashing to a lipstick counter in no time.


behind the scenes

Seek help if you need it

Beauty is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be a treat. A way of helping you to express who you are, a way of lifting your spirits.

But sometimes let’s face it, when life throws us a few curveballs, our beauty regimes can hit the wayside. Or if we’re not careful, we can get stuck in that horrible beauty rut.

So if you’re feeling more drab than fab, then I have three little words for you my friends. Seek. Some. Help.

Go and see a professional. Get your hair restyled. Go and have a facial. Go to the beauty counters and ask for advice. Be bold, take a risk, experiment, listen to the experts and just have some fun! You’ll feel as fresh and as pretty as a daisy in no time.



Don’t take it seriously

I love to look and feel as nice as the next girl but let me tell you, the older I get, the less I care about it. Because whilst it’s great to look good, it’s just not my number one priority.

There’s much more to me than meets the eye and that’s exactly how I like it.

So whilst I put on make up, pretty much every day, I’m not going to spend my time continually checking it or reapplying it. And whilst I love fashion and beautiful, pretty things, I’m not afraid to damage my infamous heels or dirty one of my favourite frocks.

It’s nice to look nice, that is true, but when it comes to beauty, nothing is more attractive and appealing than seeing someone REALLY ENJOY LIFE.

So don’t be a mannequin. Don’t be one of those women obsessed with their looks, who only cares about their appearance. Don’t be someone who won’t snog the love of their life in case they smudge their lippy.

Embrace your wrinkles. Dress for yourself. Ignore what people think. Wear what makes you happy. Define your own beauty. Play dress up. Have fun with make up.

And then forget about it all and go out there and love, laugh and live! Because let me tell you, a mischievous grin will always be much more beautiful than a sullen, made up pout, no matter how super and glossy it may be.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




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4 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: A few beauty tips”
  • Love this post! SO with you on the mascara thing! I’m lucky enough to have long lashes but investing in a decent mascara (MAC or Benefit are amazing) means you can keep your coating-addiction without the clogging or heavy feeling.

    I fell out with lip gloss a few years ago too. I can stand gloss on my lips these days!

  • Aw gorgeous post girlfriend and you are so right about enjoying life-I love my make up (it’s my armour) but I’m all about getting on with it/partying and not worrying too much about it. My secret is Vitamin E oil, my TV producer told me about it -she is 50 and looks 30-miracle oil I tell you! I adore Bad girls mascara by Benefit and agree, you can never have too much! Red lips always liven me up too! Gorgeous post! I’m actually doing a make up Google + hangout tomorrow with Selfridges at 11.30am if you fancy tuning in! x

  • Totally LOVED this post, you glamourpuss, you! I used to cringe at putting on too much mascara, but since I discovered the absolute best and easiest masacara remover on the planet – Vaseline! – I’m brandishing that wand, and am pretty sure I have at least 4-5 tubes in my cupboard. As for nails, yes yes yes! Loving Gellish – same same but different, as the Thais say – and finally feeling ever-groomed and ready for a last minute meeting, without trying to sit on my hands (I have a great nail story with a certain leading buying director of a certain leading iconic department store – remind me when we meet!). Agree with every point, but especially n.5! It’s part of a woman’s charm to be beautiful and yet not care too much! So wonderful to have you back on #AllAboutYou, hope you can join tomorrow lovely! xx

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