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TEA, tea. Glorious tea.

Besides wine (and perhaps a cosmopolitan) it is my absolute favourite drink. You can keep your coffee and your cappuccinos, just give me a decent cuppa of any kind and I’m a very happy chappy.

From a builder’s cup – perfect with buttery toast! – to peppermint or even something a little more fruity, my normal day consists of drinking numerous cups of the fine stuff. And then there are the health benefits too.

I’ve been a big fan of green tea for a while now and if you haven’t tried white tea yet, I urge you to! Not only has it got a much more delicate taste than green tea, it’s also packed full of goodness. I often harp on about it to friends and loved ones about how great it is.

As for bedtime? Camomile tea is always a winner.

Recently though, I’ve been drinking a different relaxing concoction from the latest tea brand to hit the market, Teami, which I’ve been really loving.


Teami is all about healthy loose leaf tea. Healthy cups of tea that are beautifully created and concocted, featuring some of the world’s most powerful herbal plants.

I was asked to give them a try. And as a tea lover, well it would have been rude not to get involved.

I opted for their ‘Teami Relax’ blend, to see how it may help me unwind at the end of a long day and help me nod off into restful sleep. And I drink it not out of a mug and not out of a china cup but out of my new Teami Tumbler. Snazzy huh?


I have to say the blend is really lovely and makes for a delicious and pretty powerful cuppa. It features five super ingredients: Lavender Flower, Chamomile, Lemon grass, Orange peel and Valerian Root extract and smells divine.

As for the relaxing benefits…well, as I say it’s pretty powerful stuff. It definitely helps to calm my overtired mind after a busy day and certainly encourages me to feel calm and less frazzled.

Teami Relax is worth a try for anyone / most of us who find life a little frantic at times or who have little people in their lives who like to disrupt their mama’s sleep routine!


And I have to say, it’s so pretty too! Watching the various leaves swirling around in the handy, take it anywhere tumbler is also kinda relaxing too!

Teami products are fantastic, however sadly not cheap. But if you love your tea as much as I do and fancy trying to boost your health a little as you drink it, well they’re worth every penny.

(And if you still need an added reason, well if you chose my exclusive code: PHEELS at the checkout, you’ll get a very lovely 10% off your order too!)





Disclaimer – This review was created in collaboration with Teami however as always all opinions and words are my own. If I wouldn’t recommend it a friend, I won’t recommend it to you! x


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