I ADORE vintage clothing.

Have done since my mid teens when I first discovered the delights of wearing something that no one else owned and the joy of wearing a little bit of clothing history.

Over the years I’ve bought and worn an array of vintage pieces from beaded dresses to sequin tops, seventies metallic disco heels to a silk neck scarf and still nothing gives me greater clothing delight than coming across a rare vintage gem in a shop.

But one thing I failed to do in my first pregnancy, when carrying my daughter Elsie, was to keep up the vintage love.

I’ve tried but honestly I cannot remember one single item I wore during that time that was vintage or preloved. Truth be told, it was a time in my life in which my style was rather predictable and safe.

However this time round, I’m proud to say it’s been very different! I’ve rocked a black seventies sequinned butterfly top out for dinner when I was in the second trimester -which looked really lovely softly draped over the bump – as well as several vintage shirts, scarfs and pieces of jewellery.

Annnd… I’ve also found some fabulous new vintage items which have become firm maternity staples, thanks to the very kind team at Revival Vintage.

Revival Vintage are a unique fashion business that specialise in sourcing only the best vintage pieces by hand and have been going since 2003. Besides selling stunning vintage items on their website (do check it out if you get the chance!) they also do kilo sales, in which you buy vintage pieces by the kilo! Clever huh?

(So depending how much a garment weighs, you could end up with just one item or a number of pieces for the same price.)

After explaining that I was pregnant, the team picked me out a number of items for my surprise ‘kilo bundle’ that they thought would be suitable and this is what I received in the post:

  • A stunning chunky pink vintage cardigan with big buttons
  • A gorgeous floral blouse with elasticated waist (perfect for the bump!) and batwing sleeves
  • A pale pink vintage scarf
  • Some kind of maternity collar/ breastfeeding bib which Elsie quickly snaffled for her baby! 


When I opened the bundle I was a little worried that perhaps the items wouldn’t fit or that they would look weird. (When you have a big bump to dress, it’s not always easy!)

However I needn’t have worried.

I loved the cardigan and blouse immediately after trying them on and they’ve both, as I say, become big maternity favourites of mine, helping me to stay stylish and warm as the bump grew massively over the past few months. I’ve lost count of how many times I have worn them now.

As some of you will know from experience, maternity wear isn’t always the most exciting (!) so it’s been a real treat to wear unusual pieces that no one else owns whilst pregnant and thankfully due to their shape and structure, I reckon these two lovely pieces will make perfect post baby wear too!

Many thanks to the Revival team for my vintage pregnancy bundle which has really helped me to feel more inspired with my style, whilst carrying my baby boy.





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