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WE all know how it is.

You’ve had a long day. The kids are playing up. The fridge is empty and you’re wondering what on earth you and you partner are gonna have for tea that evening, especially as you just can’t be bothered cooking.

At times like this, it’s usually one of three options.

1) Go hungry (no, not good!)

2) Call a takeaway (fantastic, but can feel a bit of an extravagance mid week)

3) Stick in a microwave meal (but they’re so unhealthy aren’t they?!)

If like me, number three seems the most likely alternative, then I may just have discovered the answer to your grumbling tummy’s prayers.

Microwave meals that cook in minutes, but are not full of, well you know, the not so good stuff.

As a busy working mum with my second baby on the way, life feels a bit hectic at the moment so I’m all for cutting corners where possible and making my day a little easier. So when Everdine asked me if I’d like to try out their new service, it sounded like a grand idea.

Everdine is a new clean eating delivery service that brings healthy, convenience food to your door. In a nutshell, it’s clean eating made easy!

Which means you can enjoy the convenience of microwave meals safe in the knowledge that they’re not full of junk and are actually good for you. Win, win.

To try out the service, I was asked to choose eight meals from a good selection (I went for 4 meals x 2 so the husband and I could enjoy them together) and waited for them to be delivered. And this is how they arrived.


All packaged lovingly and delivered by a very happy courier. (I don’t know who was more excited to get in the box, me or Elsie!) When they arrive, you simply have a quick nosey at what you’ve been sent and then pop them straight into the freezer.

The meals themselves – and this is the brilliant bit!- are all designed by chefs who have all been trained in Michelin star restaurants. Fancy huh?

So when it comes to tasty, clean eating dishes, they know what they’re doing. This was our tea the other night, Open Ravioli of Wild Mushroom & Tarragon. Delicious and filling.


So far we’ve tried a few of the dishes we’ve been sent and overall, I’m pretty impressed. The portions are a good size and the food looks fresh and well wholesome!

The variety is also really good, with all kinds of dishes varying from the more traditional to contemporary, so basically you’re bound to find something that tickles your tastebuds.

My favourite dish of the ones we have tried so far though has to be the Chickpea & Vegetable Tagine. Spicy, wholesome and full of flavour, I thoroughly enjoyed tucking into this.



If you like your microwave meals to be a bit naughty, well they may not be for you. We’re talking clean eating here after all.

But if you do fancy *healthier, faster convenient food that has been lovingly prepared for those days when you just can’t face stepping into the kitchen, then this service may well be your new best friend.

*The Everdine service is delivered fortnightly to your door on a subscription basis and can contain either 8 or 12 meals of your choice. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Fancy trying it? Get £30 off your first box by quoting: IN1POUTINGINHEELS 

Disclaimer – This post was written in collaboration with Everdine but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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  • That sounds like such a good idea. I try to eat clean as much as possible and it can be so tiring to cook every night when it’s been a busy week.

    • Absolutely! Nothing worse than being tired to cook but still wanting to eat healthily. I think it’s a really good idea. :)

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