FOR a long time I’ve been admiring this brand that I’m about to mention today.

Out and about in my local town, I can always spot their stunning, vibrant pushchairs and have swooned over more blog posts featuring their gorgeous products than I can probably count. So I can only hope that my post is also swoon-worthy too!

Cosatto make the most colourful, exciting baby products and are on a mission to save the world from ‘boring baby stuff’ so I did a little dance of glee here at home, alone in my kitchen (do you ever do that too?!) when asked if I would like to review a car seat from their stunning Zoomi collection.

At four years of age and now a ‘schoolie’ Elsie is officially and in her own words “a big girl.” So it was definitely time for us to ditch the car seat that has worked well for us over the past three and a bit years and provide her with a comfier, more grown up and all round fabulous version.

Elsie chose (with only a tiny bit of encouragement from me!) this vibrant *Go Brightly design and I have to say, it is just beautiful. Bold, bright and colourful it is the most gorgeous car seat and adds a wonderful pop of colour to my car’s rather dull and conventional black interior.


The seat arrived quickly and was really easy to unbox, put together and fit into the car. (Take a look at our little video below to see how we got on.)

As Elsie is aged four, she’s now in the Group 2 for car seats which means we could remove the inner white striped straps and seat buckle that’s part of the seat (for babies and little people in Group 1) and were left with just the booster seat and back which we then joined together easily.

Elsie was so excited to sit in the chair, we almost had to physically hold her back whilst we were removing the bits we didn’t need, and well, she just looks as happy as Larry in it doesn’t she?


Fitting the car sear was really easy (hooray!), taking just a few adjustments and a strap tightening at the back of the seat to ensure that it was fitted perfectly. (This Cosatto fitting video really helped make it easy too.)


As I say, the seat looks fantastic in the car but most importantly it is also safe and comfortable.

Elsie smiles every single time she climbs into it and loves the fact that she now has a ‘grown up’ seat belt that she can undo when the car has come to a stop and we’ve arrived at our destination. It’s the little things isn’t it?


In fact she loves it so much, she’s desperately trying not to get it dirty!

Not that it would matter if she did, as it looks like it will be easy to clean too, but I think that gives you an idea of just how happy she is with her new seat. (Watch our little video below and you’ll see exactly what I mean! *winks*)


From a parent’s point of view, aesthetically it’s a dream product to look at and as I say, it’s really comfortable and feels very safe and secure, which is ultimately the main thing.

But I also absolutely love the fact that this is a car seat that – thanks to it’s clever design – can take you from having a ‘small’ to a ‘tall’, or from an older baby to a 12 year old child. Amazing huh? And also, let’s not forget, money saving too.


I don’t know about you, but I still (four years into this parenting lark and with another on the way) find the baby and child product market baffling at times, so products like this which have been designed to last longer and make our lives a little easier, are more than welcome in my world!

If you are looking for a new car seat for your little one (or bigger one) then do have a look at Cosatto’s amazing collection that features the most stunning and contemporary designs from everything from unicorns to monsters.

I promise you, if you’re anything like us, you absolutely will not be disappointed.

*The Zoomi Go Brightly Child Car Seat Groups 1, 2 & 3 retails for £130.

Watch the video…

Here’s a little video taken last Sunday of us fitting the car seat as well as Elsie’s priceless reaction…


Disclaimer – this car seat was kindly sent to us by Cosatto to review but as always all opinions are my own.

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