DO you remember when collecting money was easy?

When you were a child and you’d squirrel away some pennies and pounds (if you were lucky) in your little piggy bank that would make that amazing rattle when you shook it?

Ah wasn’t life easy back then, in the good ol’ days?

As an adult one of the hardest things when it comes to collecting or raising money I’ve found, is when you have to ask or get other people involved and collect money for some kind of group thing.

I’m guessing most of us at some point have been in that really awkward position when you’ve organised something – perhaps a hen do, baby shower or leaving present –  for someone, only to be left struggling to collect the money from people when you actually need it.

“Just throw in a tenner for me Katie and I’ll pay you later.” 

“Oh I haven’t got any cash on me today. Can you remind me tomorrow?”

We’ve all been there right?!

Well thankfully it appears that those tricky collecting money situations may now be over thanks to a fantastic new online platform that’s recently launched in the UK called – if you haven’t heard of it already – is a leading European money collection platform with over 7 million users, that provides a fast, easy and secure way to pool money together and raise money online. Good huh?

It’s such a clever yet simple idea and the best thing is, it can be used for practically anything and everything!

From crowdfunding to sourcing money for group gifts for events to collecting money for a local community project, charity or individual in need.

With just a few quick clicks, you simply set up your own personalised Leetchi money fund and then ask people to contribute, which means no more begging letters, reminders or walking around the office, trying to get cash off people! How fabulous is that?!

You just invite people to contribute (by using their bank card) and then wait for the money to come rolling in, saving you lots of time, embarrassment and hassle and making sure that you’re not the one left out of pocket.

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a gem of a platform to me.

Once your money has been raised (for whatever reason you wish) you then have a few choices: You can use the money to spend online on partner sites like Amazon (100% free), ask for a bank transfer for which there is a small fee (2.9% fee for transfers above £2000 and 4% below) or offer the electronic money pot directly to the beneficiery.

I had a quick play around with to see how it works and I have to say I’m really impressed.

Easy to use and with no hidden costs, I can think of numerous ways I’ll be able to use this platform in the future to help me organise lovely surprises for loved ones or do some good fundraising deeds.

So if you’ve got something coming up soon like a big event or if there’s someone you want to surprise with a collective gift (but are dreading trying to organise it and pull it altogether!) do check out and give it a go.

From what I’ve seen, I think you’ll end up loving it and wonder how on earth we’ve all managed without it, for as long as we have.

Disclaimer – This post was created in collaboration with Leetchi but as always all opinions and words are my own.


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