Nobody ever starts a blog to win an award.

Certainly I never did. I started Pouting In Heels back over five years ago when I was in early pregnancy with my daughter Elsie and keen to write about women’s stuff, impending motherhood and the like.

Honest truth? I didn’t even think I would last very long at this blogging malarkey and I definitely didn’t start blogging for fame, awards, free stuff or even for money. I just did it because I had a burning desire to write and connect.  And even though blogging has since become my ‘job’, this need to write and communicate my thoughts, has definitely served me well over the years.

Blogging has given me a new career, opened up doors that were previously bolted, introduced me to new friends and provided both myself and my family with some wonderful opportunities and I’m truly forever grateful.

It’s not easy. I’m not always in love with it. But I really can’t imagine my life without it.

A few weeks ago I found out that I’ve been shortlisted in the Northern Blog Awards under the parenting category ( in the mummy blogger section as daddy bloggers have got their own section too – love this!) which was a very lovely surprise and made me smile, a lot.

Not long after, I was also told that I’ve been shortlisted for another award for ‘Fabulous Facebooker’ which I think could well be the best title for an award ever?!

As a proud Northerner it goes without saying that I’m pretty chuffed to be shortlisted in these awards. Apparently there’s going to be a bit of a do in Manchester (my home city and one of my favourite places in the world) so even though I have no expectations or thoughts about winning whatsoever, I do feel that I now have the perfect excuse to go and buy a new frock, leave the baby at home for a few hours and have a whale of a time with my peers which in itself is award enough for me.

Huge thank you to those who nominated me and best of luck to all the talented people shortlisted who are forever proving that there is plenty of talent ‘oop North’.



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